Clubhouse "Covid-19" rules

Clubhouse "Covid-19" rules

By Gavin Howell
5 October 2020
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Please comply and keep everyone safe and the club open

Club house “Covid-19” rules

As a club we are required by law to follow a set of rules in relation to social distancing, failure to do so will result in fines or closure of the club. Please make every effort to comply and be respectful if you are asked to correct your behaviour.

Please help us keep the Club open in a safe and compliant manner by adhering to the following 12 golden rules:

1. Entrance to the Club house is through the main bar doors only.

2. On entering the Club house, you must immediately sign in by:

a. Using the NHS app or;

b. Filling in the club’s Track and Trace register at the entrance.

NOTE: You have to sign in even if you wish to visit the toilets only.

3. Every person, over the age of 11 years, must wear a mask in the club house at all times, except whilst sitting at your allocated table.

4. Once you have signed in you will be guided to your allocated table.

5. There is a max seating of 6 per table.

6. You must remain at your table and remain in your “bubble”.

NOTE: You cannot leave your table to join another even if there is less than 6 on the other table.

7. No tables to be moved as they have been specifically placed for social distancing reasons.

8. Once seated, bar service will be at your table and all orders have to be pre-paid by credit / debit card. There are no cash transactions.

9. Exit all times via saloon bar fire door. Floor markings clearly indicate route.

10. Cloakroom access is one way. Exit through back door to rear road and come back in through the main bar doors.

11. Children must be accompanied by an adult and are not allowed to run around inside the Club house.

12. Social distancing must be maintained as directed in the government guidelines.

Anyone refusing to comply with any of the above rules will either be refused entry, not be served or asked to leave.

The Hale Club Ltd: October 2020

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