New Season - New website - New Players

New Season - New website - New Players

By Ged Murphy
1 August 2017
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Who are this seasons 'Newbies'?

With the new season fast approaching and the launching of our new website what better time to let you know what 'New Blood' will be gracing (not grazing) the green and pleasant land of Hoe Lane in the coming weeks.

Here, you will see many new names, some old 'Old favourites' returning from sabbatical or long term injury and some of our young home bred talent who will be around this season.

What I am particularly glad to see is the youthfulness of the groups below (with one or two notable exceptions). Here's hoping we can all watch these lads develop into the next great Hertford side.

Coach Baz has also added a few comments and thoughts for members.

Will Goodman-2nd row- Ex Crediton 1st XV -21 years old
Conor 'O'Toole-2nd row- Ex Barking 1st XV-26 years old
Harry Morgan-Prop- Ex Saracens academy-18 years old
Tim Mathews -2nd row- Ex Epping 1st XV and played for Essex County-26 years old
Geoff Hughes-Prop- Ex Barking 1stXV-22 Years old
Steven McKenzie-Cardy - Prop- Student @ Oaklands-18 Years old
Reece Lane-Openside- Ex Hartbury College 2nd XV/Drybrook-22 years old
Liam Batty-Fullback/Wing- Ex Saracens academy-18 years old
Rory Seymour-10/15/wing -Ex Old Northamptonians 1st xv-24 years old
Joe Stockwell-9/14-Herts U.18's Herts /uU 20's/ Yorkshire Carnigie academy-21 years old

Jack Mitchell-9/12/13/14-22 years old
Bertie Walters-10 -23 years old
Alistair McKenzie Smith-23 years old
James Tilly-Utility player-23 years old
Luke Wilkinson-24 years old-Ex Hertford academy player
Callum Hedley-2/6-23 years old
Ben Thomas-9-20 years old

Joel Airey-Prop-18 years old
Christy Basra-Hooker/Prop-17 Years old
Thomas Hamer-2nd row/6 -18 years old
Sam Glossop-2nd row-18 years old
Harry Glennon-9-18 years old
Oliver Gribben-14-18 years old

Byron O’Dell-2nd row
James Keens-2nd row
Rob Jones-Hooker
Richard Streets-Centre
Will Braidy-2nd row
Torran McDougall-8/6

Christo Kasabi-Prop
Jamie Prince-Prop

There are several ex Academy players training regularly with the senior who impressed with their showing with the seniors last season who may be off to Uni but we look forward to welcoming back for games at Christmas. These include: Patch Eveleigh/Josh Wood/Josh Rudling/Sean Harris.

There are likely to be a couple more signings in the next couple of weeks.

We have been getting 50/60 players at training including 5 or 6 players who are still academy next year. The quality has been very good and the players attitude has been spot on. The hardest thing for me will be trying to keep these guys happy if they are not in the 1st xv but we’re trying to create a coaching environment where by we are developing these players and getting them to buy in to a culture. We are very happy with the players we have for the forthcoming season.

All the coaches are pulling in the same direction and all have been extremely positive and are bringing in new and fresh ideas. At the moment we have a very happy camp! Long may that continue.

Also, we have a new Team administrator, Paul Corcoran, and we are looking forward to working closely with him.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Paul Eveleigh, Dave Creasey, Ged Murphy, Clive Mann and especially the miserable git that is Chesty without whom I would struggle to succeed.

I must also acknowledge the sponsors and guys and gals who volunteer each week and do so much for HRFC. It is appreciated!

Last but not least, a big thanks to the ‘16th Man’, the supporters who scream encouragement (most of the time!) from the side lines and balcony, home and away who really do make a difference.

Here's to a prosperous and enjoyable season for all the teams and supporters.

Cheers, Baz

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