2020 Club Registration 1 of 2

1. 2020 Summer Club Registration

The 2020 Registrations information.


Minis (co-ed under 6), $50
Minis (co-ed under 8), $50
Minis (co-ed under 10), $50
Minis (Under 12 Boys or Under 12 Girls), $75
Junior (Under 14 Boys or Under 14 Girls), $75
Junior (Under 16 Girls), $75
Junior (Under 16 Boys), $75
Junior (Under 18 Boys), $75
Junior (Under 18 Girls), $75
Senior (Under 19 Boys), $75
Senior (Under 19 Girls), $75
Senior Women, $80
Senior Men Student, $80
Senior Men, $80
Over 35 Men playing full contact, $60

Please note – every online payment is subject to an additional processing fee from Rugby Canada.

Your dues cover:

  • Year Membership
  • off-season indoor training sessions
  • Two regular-season training sessions weekly
  • Trainer for every game and taping
  • Dietary recommendations
  • Clubhouse facilities access CLOSED THIS YEAR
  • Changing rooms access CLOSED THIS YEAR

Please note, dues this year will include a HIGHLAND mask.

Refund Policy / Injuries
We cannot refund registration fees. Once you register to play rugby, we must submit a large portion of your fee to the national and provincial rugby unions to cover insurance, league fees, etc. Once submitted, we are unable to recover these fees. They are the same for all players whether they play 1 game or 16.

Injuries are an unfortunate, but real part of contact sports. Please remember that we cannot refund registration fees for the reasons outlined above.

If you are injured playing rugby, it is essential that you notify your coach and the therapist in a timely fashion. Rugby Canada insurance may cover the cost of necessary treatment, but we need to know so we can provide proper paperwork.

Dress Code
As a Club we always want to have the right image on and off the field.
ALL players to wear green and White Hooped socks with Green Shorts.

Playing Jerseys will be provided.

Game time NO GAMES IN 2020
Playing times will vary and these will be communicated by the coaching staff through the Team pages.

Off the Field
We ask that player look respectable and presentable. Highland shirt and smart trousers are preferred.

Volunteers are a necessity for any organization run smoothly, rugby is no exception. If you have a skill or resource that could benefit the club, please let us know. Ask yourself these few questions:

  • Are you interested in helping coach?
  • Becoming a qualified referee?
  • Many of our players come from outside Fergus… can you help another player or parent with car-pooling?
  • Do you know of a business or individual that would be interested in helping offset the cost of uniforms or equipment?
  • Are you willing to help coordinate a fundraising activity?
  • Do you have any interest in helping this club function more smoothly?

Fixtures & announcements
We will have a fixtures list at the beginning of the season. Check our website www.highlandrugby.com for updated schedules and special announcements. Most correspondence will be done by coaches at practice and/or email, but if you miss training use the website to stay up to date.

Have your say
If you have questions or constructive criticism please let us know. We hope to maximize the enjoyment of all players and parents – by letting us know where we fall short, we can address any issues and hopefully resolve them. Please speak with your coach or email info@highlandrugby.com

Team Uniform & Equipment
All players are expected to have the team uniform and basic rugby equipment. Team uniform consists of the following:

  • Rugby jersey (provided by each team manager prior to games)
  • Green shorts (can be purchased through the club)
  • Green hooped socks(can be purchased through the club)

Shorts and socks can be obtained from our equipment manager clothing email

Basic equipment:

  • Rugby cleats (or soccer cleats, mandatory)
  • Mouth guard (mandatory)
  • Water bottle (mandatory)
  • Scrum cap (optional, recommended for forwards)
  • Shoulder pads (optional, must be IRB approved)