Hillcrest Contacts

Club Position: President - Figurehead of the Club and ensures that the Club is run smoothly and members act in its best interests
Clare Nicholls

Club Position: Chairman - To lead, encourage, assist and motivate the Committee members to achieve their role objectives to a high standard of performance.
Gina Mattison

Club Position: Treasurer - To oversee the flow of monetary transactions through the club’s bank accounts and to ensure that the club keeps on top of payments going in and out of the account i.e. by chasing us all for our money!
Lesley Hogan

Club Position: Secretary
Lizzie Butler

Club Position: Fixtures Secretary
Georgie Blunt

Club Position: Social and Fundraising Reps
Emily Kaniecki and Millie Oughton

Club Position: Warlingham Representative - To keep the relationship between Hillcrest Netball Club and Warlingham Grounds positive, feeding any ground changes back to the club.
Sandie Richardson

Club Position: Coach
Anna Harris

Club Position: Coach
Clare Nicholls

Club Position: Safeguarding Officer
Jenni Williams

Club Position: Young Persons Rep - To provide the bridge between the junior members of Hillcrest Netball Club and its senior members, committee and coaches.
Innes Holton and Scarlett Hardaker

Club Position: Website Administrator
Deborah Williams