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Saturday's A Rugby Day!

And a busy one if you're a Hilton Head Old Boy. Lots of rugby opportunities capped off by the Men's team playing the Atlanta Renegades.

Don't Try This.

Really, don't. You're not that good.

Old Boys Saturday Touch Game Is Cancelled

Six Nations Rugby is on at Reilleys at noon and Hilton Head Rugby is on for Savannah at 1:00.

Good luck today, men!

"This looks a good team on paper, let's see how it looks on grass." Nigel Mellville On England's new look against Australia, 1984.

Saturday's A Rugby Day!

Forsyth Park, 1:00 pm vs. the Savannah Shamrocks

Critical New Information

Practice location change plus season opens this Saturday against the Savannah Shamrocks.

This Weeks Training Location Has Been Set

Island Recreation Center, Tuesday and Thursday, 6:30

About "Serious Athletes"

It says on our home page that we're looking for "serious athletes" and we are, but suppose you're not an "athlete"?

Emergency Temporary Practice Location

Stop yer whining, arrrgh!

Hello Boys... I'm Baaaack!

Training is underway. Tuesdays and Thursday, 6;30 pm at the Island Recreation Center. Now's the time to join us. There are no "try-outs" in rugby....

How To Play- Running For Outside Centers

Another installment from my enormously popular "How To Play" series...

Physics For Rugby Players

Force = Mass x Acceleration and is measured in Newtons

Thoughts From One Of The Ancients

I watched the team play Golden Isle on Saturday and being the know-it-all I know-I-am, I can't help but tell you what I thought.

Saturday's A Rugby Day... errr... Night

This Saturday, Oct. 26 at Crossings Park. 6;30 pm at Crossings Park vs. Valdosta State.

0 and 2

Backs against the wall.

Get Ready

A message about the upcoming season and an inspirational video.

Fall Season Practice Begins

6:30 Tuesday, Sept. 3rd at Crossings Park. Bring your boots and running shoes.

What Mullets Do

The Mullets are the Hilton Head Old Boys

Fall Matrix Schedule

The Cabal will tell you when practice starts. Be ready. Long live The Cabal!

Training Will Begin Soon

The Cabal thinks it would be a good idea to be running hard in preparation and showing up for Touch Rugby on Thursdays.

You Cannot Make This Pass

So don't even try... Scott Wild.

Touch Rules And The Rules Of Touch

Of course in Rugby there are no Rules, only Laws. These Very Official Laws are grounded in ancient tradition. No modification is tolerated.

First Pitch

Throwing out the first pitch is something we need to start... yes, I know there's no "pitch" in rugby except the field, but there should be.

Summer Time Is A Lonely Time For "Fat Boys"

So show 'em some love!

Thursday Touch Is On For Thursday!

Thursday, 6:30 at the Hilton Head High Soccer Practice Field OR (very likely) the Hilton Head Middle School field*

Beach Bike Bar Crawl

July 27th. Save the date.

USA Rugby Eagles fitness regime- running

This is not so bad at first....

This Guy Will NEVER Live This Down

Sometimes Karma looks like a big chicken.

Premiership Final - Leicester Tigers vs. Northampton Saints

This Saturday Reilley's South will be showing the Premiership Final at 10am. Leicester Tigers vs. Northampton Saints.

Hilton Head Season Ends In Elite 8 Loss

Hilton Head 14, Saratoga 30

Hilton Head Defeats Chicago Riot

Next up, Saratoga, NY in the Final 8.

Playoff Bound!

Gators vs. The Chicago Riot


USA Eagles take the Plate Championship in Glasgow beating Scotland, Fiji and Argentina in the process.

Hilton Head Beats Charlotte In Naples

19-5. The Gators play Montgomery, AL tomorrow to determine the #1 seed in the National Championships Round of 16 and the South D3 Championship.

Hilton Head Wears Out Brevard (FL) 25-8

The Brevard Old Red Eye came out hard and fast putting the Gators under pressure early.

Saturday's A BIG-BIG-BIG Rugby Day!

Round One of the USA Rugby D3 playoffs. Win or go home. Hilton Head vs. Brevard, FL, 3:00 pm at Crossings Park.

The Game Will Take Care Of Itself

So, here it is, what you've been planning for, the playoffs. Are you ready? Have you outworked the man opposite you? This Saturday, we'll find out.

Practice Cancelled- Scary Clouds Loom

Train on your own (hard).

***Practice Location Change***

Practice will be held at Crossings Park for the remainder of the season.

Not An April Fool's Joke

Hilton Head tops Armstrong Atlantic 77-5. Playoffs start at home as the Gators play Brevard, FL on Saturday, April 13. Time to be announced.

Hilton Head Island Dismantles Golden Isles

The battle of the islands was a one sided affair as the Hammerheads struggle to re-build.

A Couple Of Thoughts

There are a limited number of days and 2 games between today and the playoffs. The level of play then gets jacked up to a level you have not seen.

Watch And Learn

If you haven't heard me tell the wings to always-chase-every-kick-all-the-time-without-fail-no-exceptions, this is why.

Rumor Alert!! Saturday IS NOT a Rugby Day

Unless you consider training at 2:00pm at Chaplin Park a Rugby Day.

Mark Your Calendars

USA vs. Canada in Charleston on August 17.




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