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New Cricket Opportunities at Leicester Rd

New Cricket Opportunities at Leicester Rd

John Tilley8 Apr 2021 - 20:29
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All Stars (5-8s) & Dynamos (8-11) sessions start in May. Taster sessions in April!!

This will be going out at 10am on One Team tomorrow...

This year starting in May, we are offering two ECB introduction programmes for 5-8 year olds (All Stars) and 8-11 year olds (Dynamos). To make things as easy as possible, we have tried to organise the sessions directly after your rugby training.

Dynamos (8-11s) will run from Friday 14th May through to Friday 2nd July from 7pm to 8pm.
For more details and to sign up…

All Stars (5-8s) will run from Sunday 16th May through to Sunday 4th July from 10.30am to 11.15am.
For more details and to sign up…

The courses are £40 per child and each runs for 10 weeks. The sessions will be great fun for everyone involved and there are freebies involved.

Try B4 U Buy
If you are unsure, we have also organised “Try B4 U Buy” sessions for both the All Stars and Dynamos. Dynamos is at 7pm - 8pm on Friday 23rd April and All Stars is on Sunday 25th April at 10-30am - 11.15am. Please give them a go. If you are interested in the taster sessions then please indicate you are attending via
* HTCC All Stars 5-8s Try B4 U Buy Single Session -
* HTCC Dynamos 8-11s Try B4 U Buy Single Session -
* Email

Please note these sessions are ran so parents can get involved as well, so if you are interested let us know, the more the merrier.

BTW, there will be food and refreshments on the “sideline” for those who need a more relaxed stance :-)!

Obviously, this is a new initiative and any help you can give will be much appreciated. The lead activator (“coach”) is Ben Avent who is great with the kids and he is ably supported by Dom Osborn, Matt Adcock and Chris Wire. More activators will be required.

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