Sat 27
2nd Team
Dartfordians Saints
HSBC 2nd XV 37 v 7 Dartfordians

HSBC 2nd XV 37 v 7 Dartfordians

By Will Peberdy
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By Jeremy Sparrow

On a morning of perfect weather and 8 players arriving at the 11:45 meet, the 2nds looked in good form to hold off the incoming assault from the Dartfordians.

After the full team made an appearance and fast paced game of touch was underway we began to focus on our opponents. The Dartfordians had decided to bring a team of forwards, their tactic; to out muscle us the in scrum and across the field. With the master plan of Wookie and Pebs making us grudgingly fitter each week, the Bank had to play our own game of building up our phases before unleashing our backs and not be dictated by our opponents.

They say that "no battle plan survives contact with the enemy" and for the first 30 minutes, the 2nds were doomed to become further proof of this, with the game becoming very physical our pack worked overtime to quell the storm brewing from the Darfordian's forwards, on the half hour mark the ball was shipped wide through hands to Andrew to take over the line, the Dartfordians began to realise what we could do as so did we. 5-0. However while looking to take our lead into the half time with our game plan intact, a lapse of concentration lead to a conceded try and conversion. 5-7. But the 2nds knew what needed to be done and just before the half some nice footwork and a blistering run put Rob Butler on the scoreboard before Stryder converted. 12-7. Half Time.

Watching the Dartfordians stumble off the pitch, completely blown out, and the knowledge that our game plan was spot on showed the 2nds that this game was ours for the taking.

After the herculean effort of containing the Dartfordian Pack in the first half, our forwards were instantly back in the fray, our opponents were still of the belief that they could over power us, and on occasion nearly did. However the commitment of the 2nds at training through pre-season began to show and as the Dartfordian's began to flag, the bank unleashed fast paced attack after fast paced attack, with the backs enjoying running at the opposition, angering them with showboating, mazey runs and pure speed that the Darfordians could not hope to match. After a succession of an impressive try from Andrew and a second half brace from Rob (who's hat-trick and showboating earned him a deserved dirty pint) fed from a full team effort to supply our backs and an on form kicking game from Simon Morris (and Damo) meant that the 2nds left the field as deserved victors 34-7.

Saturday's game was won through a fantastic level of effort from the whole team, starting from the forwards refusal to lose control of the game, frustrating our opponents at every turn, never allowing to use their only tactic of over powering, by muting the opposing pack our backs were able to run their game, which they did with deadly precision. Exciting times for the 2nds are ahead so get down to training and make yourself available for the game on Saturday so we can continue this form through the season.

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Sat 27, Sep 2014



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Bishops Finger