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1. Players

We are always looking for new players of any standard and age! We run 3 sides with the Hungerford Side currently playing in Berks/Bucks and Oxon Premier and the Lions playing in Berks/Bucks and Oxon 3 South.

As well as the main senior sides we operate an occasional Veterans team where we look to provide some social rugby for those that only want to play occasionally.

If you want to play competitive rugby with a social undercurrent then Hungerford is the club for you. We play to win but we also play to enjoy the game and the social side after the game. Our fully stocked bar is open for all members and is stocked more for the drinkers and socialisers rather than the health freaks - although energy drinks are available. Along with the typical drinks we also provide a number of fruit based drinks for the ladies as well as the hoppy, apple based and the grain for the gentlemen of the club.

Whatever your are looking for in a rugby club - Hungerford RFC can cater for all!

If you are interested in playing please call Club Captain:-

Andy Sparkes- 07875 035319