Registration Guides and Fees

Registration Guides and Fees

This document provides a step by step guide to registering with the club and paying your membership fees.

Senior and Touch members

Step 1: Go to club web-site at
Step 2: Click on the “Shop” option at the top of the page.
Step 3: You will be taken to the payments screen. Select the package that most suits your membership type.
Step 3: Click “Buy this product”
Step 4: Click “Login” if you have previously registered on the web-site or “Join this club” if not. Follow the screen prompts to complete your login.
Step 5: You will be asked “Who is this product for?” and it should already show your name. Select “Next”
Step 6: You will then be followed by a series of questions before being taken to the payment screen.
Step 7: Click “Pay via direct debit” and complete direct debit payment options.

Junior member (U6 to U16)

All Juniors members must be registered by their parent / guardian. The process is slightly more complex for a Junior payment as the Junior member application needs to be approved by the web-site administrator before the payment can be completed. Once their registration is approved then it is a relatively straightforward process for future years.

If you already have a parent account parent and are trying to add a new sibling please refer to the document "Guide to New Parent and/or New Child Membership Registration and Payment - Season 2019-20" available for download at the bottom of this page

Step 1: Go to club web-site at
Step 2. Select “Join this club” if you have not previously registered with the web-site or “Login” if you have.

If you selected “Join this club” then follow from Step 2a otherwise go to Step 2b.

Step 3a. Select Parent when asked to “Apply for roles”
Step 4a. You are then asked to ADD the name of your child.
If their name does NOT appear in the list when you start typing, then please press “Click here if your child is not in the list” in the help message presented, and then complete their first name and surname and click “Add”. Repeat this for each child and then proceed to Step 9.
If your child’s name does appear then select it. Please repeat this step for each child you have at the club and then press “Next step” and proceed from Step 11.

If you are already registered and selected “Login” then follow from Step 2b below

Step 2b. Login to your web-site account
Step 3b. Click on the circular account icon in top right-hand screen and select “Your Account”
Step 4b. Click on “Hungerford RFC” (this will only show if you are a member of more than one club. If not go straight to 5b).
Step 5b. Click on “Manage roles”
Step 5b. You will be able to see if any children are already registered against your name. If the required names are already there then the proceed to Step 10. otherwise please refer to the document "Guide to New Parent and/or New Child Membership Registration and Payment - Season 2019-20" available for download at the bottom of this page.
Complete Payment

Step 10: If not already logged on then go to club web-site at and login.
Step 11: Click on “Shop” in the top menu bar
Step 11: From this page Click on the product you need to purchase and then select “Buy this product” from the next page.
Note: You should register your oldest child first at the full membership and then register any younger children who play for the club at the sibling rate. If you have just one child at the club in the U5/U6 age group, then register using the special reduced rate for this age group.

Step 12: You will then see all the children registered against your name. Please select the name of the child you are purchasing the product for and click “Next”. If you still do not see your child’s name, then click on “Search members” and type in your child’s name in the search box that appears on the right-hand side. Their name should appear in the search list. Simply click “Add” against their name. If their name is still not visible, then they will need to be added (follow step 2b above).
Step13: You will now be asked to add some additional information about your child. Please complete these four additional fields. It is essential these are correctly completed for us to manage your registration. Then click “Continue”.
(Note: If these fields have been previously completed they will not show again.)
Step 14: Then click “Pay via direct debit”
Step 15: Then complete the payment form
Repeat from Step 11 for each child you are registering.

Colt member
Please follow the Junior member process but, please note, a Colt player does not count as an oldest Junior child.


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