New club house - please read!

New club house - please read!

By Jamie Farrell
11th February
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It is Hunslet Nelson’s intention, in the very near future, to submit our application for funding for our new clubhouse.

We have to demonstrate to the funding boards that we are viable in having more people from the community wanting to use our facilities. Viability must be complimentary to both cricket and rounders!

We are looking to have the clubhouse and facilities busy throughout the week. To this end we are looking for:

*Groups who want a base such as:
- organisations and local community groups
- hobby clubs
- slimming clubs
- fitness classes i.e. Zumba classes

*social events i.e. parties, celebrations, galas

*contacts with local businesses i.e. funeral directors, party organisers, business meetings/conferences

*compatible sports

Do you have any contacts that would be interested in using our new clubhouse and facilities? If so please contact Brian Calverley on 07795061182 or email

Hunslet Nelson is going to have a fantastic clubhouse and facilities that will be versatile for cricket, rounders and the community.

Please support this request and get in touch if you have any suggestions.

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