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Sat 09 Sep 2023  ·  Caledonia North Region League Division 3 (Men's)
Aberdeenshire 2nd XV
Huntly RFC
1st XV
1st XV away

1st XV away

david glennie10 Sep - 19:39
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1st XV returns to competitive rugby with a win on the road

Huntly men were keen to get their first season back in competitive rugby underway and despite still being in a rebuilding period with the team full of new faces, some coming back into rugby after a few years out, but also some recently familiar players and of course the current dedicated lads they were ready to go.

Kick off at woodside, against a clear blue sky and 26 degree heat, the boys went to work. quick ball in the middle of the park saw space appear out wide and Shire took advantage by making good ground but the huntly denfence remained strong. Shire built phases and eventually got the upper hand and crossed the white wash for the first score of the day.

the restart saw a couple of knock ons and Huntly were awarded with a scrum just inside Shires half, a steady platform provided huntly to get some go forward only to come up short. Shire took the advantage again, with a few gaps appearing and miscommunication Shire managed to cross the line for another score.
due to tempreatures being up in the high twentys the referee decided that everyone needed a water break and time was stopped. a couple of minutes to regather our thoughts, some wise words mixed with youthfull exuberance saw Huntly gain the upper hand at the restart and bring the scores back level before the half finished.

half time gave us all a chance to bask in the glorious weather, and some wonder why they were playing in such heat, but more importantly gave Huntly the oppertunity to move some players about and try new pairings and positions with a eye on the rest of the season. the second half got under way with some pretty open play for both sides, Shire were held up just short of the line which saw Huntly move the ball wide quickly, capitilise on some shire forwards out of position and go in for the first score of the second half. the rest of the half saw some open and quick play with some great runs and some techinically on point tackles and jackels with possession going back and fore. Shire brought the scores back level and then take the lead. Huntly battled hard and leveled things up just before the second water break of the day.

into the final quarter of the game and due a combination of the weather and some slight game time rustyness the scores came rolling in, firstly Shire then Huntly bringing the scores level again. Open and fast, almost frantic at time, play seemed to be the way both sides were looking to play and possession and scores went back and fore with it being six scores a piece. In the final few minutes Huntly scored direct off a shire restart then again off some great play by shire that was turned over with a frantic race to the line Huntly secured the win

trys scored by McCallum X2, Whyte X2, Smart X2, McGrath and O'Brien saw Huntly run out 49-39 winners in the end. Each and every player worked hard and should all be proud of their performance. plenty work ons for training and the season going forward but great to get the win on the road.

massive thanks to Aberdeenshire for the game and hosting. we look forward to your visit later on in the season.

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Caledonia North Region League Division 3 (Men's)
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