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Sun 20 Aug 2023
Huntly RFC
Under 15
Muntly Under 15’s dig out impressive win against Highland

Muntly Under 15’s dig out impressive win against Highland

Ross Mckenzie22 Aug - 16:15
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Muntly U15's Preseason Friendly.

In an action-packed under-15 rugby clash between the Highland and Muntly teams, Muntly emerged victorious with a final score of 45-24. Spectators were treated to a rollercoaster of events that kept everyone on the edge of their seats.

Right from the start, Muntly faced a difficult challenge as they struggled to find their footing on the field. The first 10 minutes saw Muntly camped in their own half. The game took an unfortunate turn when Ewen Paterson was forced to exit due to an injury. Muntly needed to show more coordination and communication to counter Muntly’s strong attacks. Ruairi Laird had some stern words for the backs. This in combination with some good runs from Jakub Lewandowski, Brodie Vennard and Jamie Douglas saw Muntly edge back onto the front foot. But this would not last long. Highland showed great levels of fitness and with regular substitutions, Muntly had to keep at it.
The intensity of the game was evident as Joshua Legge took a massive hit, showing the players’ commitment and determination.

The first breakthrough came from Muntly’s Olly McKenzie, who managed to score a try, showcasing his skill and agility on the field. Olly’s successful conversion added crucial points to the scoreboard for Muntly. This would set the scene for what was an exceptional performance by Olly.

However, the game wasn’t without its challenges, as both teams grappled with two high-tackle incidents.

At one point well into the first half the score difference was as little as 4 points. Amidst the heated exchanges, Joshua’s impressive grubber kick from just outside the opposing 22 stood out, displaying his accuracy and strategic thinking. Ruairi Laird just missed getting on the end of it but his teammate Finlay Watson broke through for another score. Olly Mckenzie’s metronomic right foot once again slotted the conversion. Olly once again demonstrated his accuracy with the conversion kick, showcasing his consistent performance.

Muntly’s Brodie Vennard managed to break through Highland’s defence and score a well-deserved try, narrowing the point gap between the teams. Brodie’s work rate was excellent.

Despite Munlty’s advances, Highland’s defence rallied, exemplified by their great tackling and immense pressure on the line. This pressure prevented Muntly from further widening the point margin. With Highland’s resilience, they managed to score a remarkable runaway try, courtesy of their unyielding efforts and phenomenal tackling.

The first half came to a close with a try from Jamie Douglas, further fueling Muntly’s determination. Olly once again demonstrated his consistency with a successful conversion kick, ensuring Muntly remained competitive on the scoreboard.

The second half continued with Highland showing their determination to mount a comeback. They managed to score two tries in quick succession, with their players displaying exceptional speed and teamwork. However, Muntly’s Finlay Watson once again made his presence felt with an impressive try, putting the pressure back on Highland.

This game was put to bed in the last 10 minutes. After regrouping Muntly came out to finish things off. Finlay Watson and Jamie Douglas targetted the half-backs and won four first-phase situations. With quick ball Olly McKenzie put his back line into another gear. In the final phase of the game, Ruairi Laird offloaded to Adam McCreedie from Muntly who finished a well-deserved try, showcasing his individual skill.

With time running out, Muntly managed to maintain their lead, eventually winning the match with a final score of 45-24. The game was a testament to the players’ dedication, skill, and sportsmanship, with Olly McKenzie’s standout performance earning him the title of man of the match.

In this thrilling under-15 encounter, both Highland and Muntly showcased their talents and determination, providing an exciting spectacle for all those in attendance.

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