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Woodhouse Trophy

Woodhouse Trophy


The Tony Woodhouse Trophy was set up in 2003 with the idea of Hythe using it to bring youngsters into adult cricket. Lawrence Read at Fawley had been doing it for years and together the two clubs invited Beaulieu to form a Triangular Tournament with the sides playing each other once.

After a few trial seasons - In 2007 Sway were asked to join and the three sides have continued to compete ever since with many of their youngsters going on to play First XI cricket for their respective clubs. With thanks to Lawrence & Dave at Sway the competition continues to be played in the spirit Tony use to enjoy cricket for over fifty years.

For the first time in 2015 the title was shared between Fawley & Sway after the final game was rained off. Sway won the tournament outright in 2016 but H&D can be pleased with their performances remaining unbeaten throughout.

Sadly 2017 saw Fawley struggle for players which resulted in them withdrawing from the competition. However with Pete Bennet & Dave Marshall keen to keep the competition going we were delighted to announce that Langley Manor will compete in 2018.

After 5 seasons of Sway dominance ~ Hythe & Dibden won the Trophy in 2018 for the first time since 2012.


12th MayLangley ManorvsHythe & Dibden
26th MaySwayvsHythe & Dibden
2nd JuneHythe & DibdenvsLangley Manor
30th JuneLangley ManorvsSway
14th JulyHythe & DibdenvsSway
21st JulySwayvsLangley Manor


Woodhouse Trophy 2018

Hythe & Dibden4202191659
Langley Manor4130111033


Game 1 ~ Sway 224 a/o (8pts) T.Burton 112, G.Lewis 54, B.Holbrook 3-16, R.Aitken 2-17, J.Fletcher 2-24 Drew Hythe & Dibden 201-6 (10pts) J.Fletcher 83*, D.Duell 68, T.O'Callaghan 2-20

Game 2 ~ Langley Manor 112 a/o (3pts) A.Chandhoke 30, O.Binns 18, L.Vaughan 4-15, T.Jones 2-0, A.Pates 2-14 Lost Hythe & Dibden 113-4 (21pts) L.Vaughan 32, N.Vaughan 22, A.Pates 22 by 6 Wkts

Game 3 ~ Sway 226 a/o (5pts)T.Burton 117*, F.Pearson 26, D.Marshall 22, T.Keil 3-39 Lost Langley Manor 230-1 (22pts)T.Garner 101*, B.Rogers 80* by 9 Wkts

Game 4 ~ Langley Manor 200-7 (8pts)J.Payne 58*, L.Stokes 38, H.Chandhoke 34, K.Cresswell 25, J.Fletcher 2-39 Lost Hythe & Dibden 204-7 (20pts)J.Fletcher 51*, L.Vaughan 41, D.Duell 22, A.Pates 22, C.Lount 3-37, H.Chandhoke 2-27 bt 3 Wkts

Game 5 ~ Sway 216-7 (7pts)T.Burton 102*, A.Sharp 72, B.Holbrook 3-20, L.Vaughan 2-11 Drew Hythe & Dibden 214-4 (8pts) J.Fletcher 100*, A.Pates 44, A.Lomax 2-14

Game 6 ~ Sway (22pts) Beat Langley Manor (0pts) ~ No Show

Previous Winners

2018- Hythe & Dibden
2017,2016- Sway
2015- Fawley & Sway Tie
2014,13- Sway
2012,11,10- Hythe & Dibden
2009- Sway
2008- Fawley
2007- Sway
2006 - Fawley
2005, 04 - Hythe & Dibden
2003- Beaulieu

Rules of The Competition

•Rules will be the same as normal Sunday Friendly Games with a 2.30 start, 5pm tea and 20 overs in the last hour of play.
•Teams must consist of at least 6 colts (Under 17 as per New Forest Colts League)
•No player who regularly plays in the County Divisions 1-4 will be allowed to play in the competition excluding colts (U17's & below). An exception to this would be the club coach however he must bat 7 or below.
•No bowler to bowl more than 8 overs in the game to enable more people to participate.
•A Winning Side will pick up 12 points
•Bonus points for Batting will be achieved at 100-125-150-175-200.
•For sides batting second winning with wickets in hand. A point will be added (max 5 batting in total) for every 2 wickets in hand
•Bonus Points for Bowling will be achieved at 2-4-6-8 and 10 wickets.
•If a game is postponed because of the weather both sides will collect 6 points.
•If a game is stopped and cannot be finished then bonus points will count.

Tony Woodhouse sadly passed away in 2011 after serving Hythe & Dibden for over fifty years. Through the 80’s Hythe Sunday 2nd XI consisted of Tony, Alan Wiltshire and 9 colts on most weekends. Alan & Tony never complained yet a lot of the higher statesman in the club thought of disbanding the team following several heavy defeats and some objections from the opponents.

Yet Tony & Alan ignored the complaints and many of the players today benefited from those years of cricket. Tony never complained – he was happy fielding in the slips and watching the young lads chase after his bowling efforts. If they dropped a catch off his bowling, he use to shout ‘ never mind you’ll catch the next one’.

'Tony Woodhouse a True Hythe Legend'

We thank Sway for keeping his memory alive and Langley Manor who joined last year