Covid-19 Match Day Guidelines for Home Matches

Covid-19 Match Day Guidelines for Home Matches

By Peter Harris
11 September 2020
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The full document is available from the Information tab on the website then selecting documents then Covid-19

For away games the opposition club are responsible for providing information for playing games at their ground under the current government Covid-19 guidelines

Covid-19 Team Coordinator
• All Ibstock teams must have an appointed Covid-19 Coordinator whose role is to ensure track and trace details have been collected for both teams and match officials.
• The coordinator is responsible for keeping groups of people pitch-side within the maximum number of people allowed to gather, inline with current government guidelines.
• The coordinator must be known to the officers of the club and be able to provide track and trace records if asked. Records must be kept for 21 days.

Respect Line and Spectators
• Respect tape must be set as highlighted below; this will be done with 12 metre bays (blue) allowing a maximum of six in a bay. Between each bay will be a 3mtr no entry bay (red).
• To allow spectators to see their children play respect tape should be placed down the whole length of one side of the pitch and along a goal line if necessary, again as per the drawing attached.

Track & Trace
• From Monday 14th September obtaining and retaining NHS Track and Trace details for 21 days is a legal requirement.
• Ibstock Managers are responsible for obtaining Track and Trace contact details for all people attending a home game. This should be done with the assistance of the Team Covid-19 Coordinator. Document can be found at
• Managers/Covid-19 Coordinators can email a document that requests details of people attending, this can then be emailed back before the game starts. The club have also set up a QR Code that can be used on matchdays for people the club do not have details off.
• No paperwork should be passed around, everything has been set up to be done electronically.

Changing Rooms

• Changing rooms are closed and therefore not available for teams or match officials to use at either venue.
• Kit must not be shared between players.

Team-sheets and Match Officials Fees

• Team-sheets must not be handwritten and handed to opposition team manager or referees, instead, team sheets should be text to opposition manager and the referee. Team sheet must include all substitutes
• Match fees will still be paid to the referee on matchday in cash. Referee fees will be available from the clubhouse kitchen on the day of the game.


• All goals, respect tape, respect poles and corner flags must be sanitised before the game, at halftime and at the end of the game.
• Players must bring and use their own hand sanitiser.

Social Distancing

• Spectators, Substitutes, Coaches and Players must always maintain social distancing guidelines.
• Respect handshakes are not to take place.

Match Protocols

• If the ball leaves the field of play it should not be retrieved by non-participants and should be retrieved using feet rather than hands where possible.
• Small sided games should include more regular hygiene breaks.
• Participants must not spit and should avoid shouting or raising their voices when facing each other.
• Set plays: players are encouraged to avoid unnecessarily long set-up or close marking.
• Goal celebrations must be celebrated on their own, no hugging or jumping on each other

• At the end of the game all participants should always leave the premises as quickly as possible whilst maintaining social distancing guidelines.

First Aid
• Can only be administered by the guardian/parent of the player unless the injury is life threatening.


Covid Respect Tape Layout

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