Season 2019 Stats

Season 2019 Stats

By Luka Brooksby
27 September
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Statistics from the 2019 season for the 1st XI, 2nd XI and 3rd XI

1st XI2nd XI3rd XI
Number of Players263121
Number who Bowled111414
Average Partnership For25.2618.2718.73
Average Partnership Against16.2214.4121.26
Highest Score For257-8 vs Sowerby Bridge268-8 vs Stones332-8 vs Shelf Northowram Hedge Top
Highest Score Against241-8 vs Booth190-7 vs Luddendenfoot230-8 vs Great Horton Park Chapel
Lowest Score For118 a/o vs Thornton68 a/o vs Sowerby St Peter's
Lowest Score Against68 a/o vs Sowerby St Peter's69 a/o vs Augustinians
Most RunsC Cook762M Curran384Asif Ali
M Smith486J Watson235S Ahmed
H Mehmood450Asif Ali, J Rhodes181B Hussain
L Brooksby333K Gornall166Z Iqbal
V Brooksby303Z Iqbal142Arshad Ali
Highest ScoreM Smith vs Bradshaw91*M Curran vs Stones101Asif Ali vs Shelf Northowram Hedge Top
Most WicketsL Brooksby68Asif Ali23Asif Ali
J Moorhouse39B Clarke21Z Iqbal
S Cook27K Gornall18Arshad Ali
B Robertshaw26B Fearnley, S Thompson15S Ahmed
M Watson21I Thompson, M Curran13J Green, L Smith
Best BowlingL Brooksby vs Copley5 for 28Asif Ali vs Greetland7 for 14Asif Ali vs Birkby Rose Hill
Most CatchesB Robertshaw15A Mellor (wk)8B Hussain
C Cook12K Gornall, M Curran5A Sloane (wk)
S Cook9J Fellows, Asif Ali, J Watson, B Clarke3Asif Ali, S Ghazan (wk)
Most StumpingsD Patchett1A Mellor1N/A
Most Run OutsM Smith, R Farrell-Smith2A Mellor4Arshad Ali, A Sloane

1st XI Partnerships
1stC Cook (65*) & M Smith (68) vs Mount131
2ndC Cook (74*) & L Kelly (53*) vs Shelf Northowram HT148*
3rdL Kelly (32) & S Cook (33) vs Sowerby St Peter's66
4thH Mehmood (54) & R Farrell-Smith (15) vs Booth75
5thR Farrell-Smith (40) & V Brooksby (86) vs Booth87
6thL Brooksby (44) & B Robertshaw (72*) vs Sowerby SP117
7thL Brooksby (41*) & J Moorhouse (41*) vs Triangle81*
8thH Mehmood (51) & L Brooksby (63*) vs Copley74
9thL Brooksby (63*) & S Cook (7*) vs Copley35*
10thJ Moorhouse (47*) & M Watson (50) vs SNHT87
2nd XI Partnerships
1stJ Watson (48) & J Rhodes (28) vs Ludd'foot80
2ndK Gornall (15) & M Curran (31*) vs Cull'worth43
3rdZ Iqbal (20) & M Curran (59*) vs Southowram46
4thJ Fellows (29) & M Curran (101) vs Stones61
5thM Curran (101) & S Thompson (52) vs Stones117
6thJ Rhodes (86) & A Mellor (20) vs Augustinians66
7thT Watson (33) & A Mellor (7) vs Leymoor22
8thT Watson (33) & S Starsmore (11) vs Leymoor31
9thA Mellor (28) & I Thompson (0) vs Clayton27
10thK Heaton (43*) & B Clarke (2*) vs Low Moor HT22*
3rd XI Partnerships
1stZ Iqbal (48) & B Hussain (52) vs Buttershaw St Paul's119
2ndZ Iqbal (18) & Asif Ali (30*) vs Birkby Rose Hill34
=B Hussain (12) & S Ahmed (77) vs Shelf Northowram HT34
3rdS Ahmed (77) & Asif Ali (102*) vs Shelf Northowram HT102
4thAsif Ali (101*) & Arshad Ali (37) vs Great Horton PC120
5thAsif Ali (102*), S Ghazan (77) & Arshad Ali (16) vs SNHT124
6thS Ghazan (77) & K Horsfall (1) vs Shelf Northowram HT22
7thA Sloane (26) & J Green (2) vs Sowerby Bridge16
8thS Ghazan (77) & J Green (15*) vs Shelf Northowram HT18
9thK Horsfall (11) & J Green (3*) vs Great Horton PC8
10thK Horsfall (23) & T Townsend (5*) vs Birkby Rose Hill19

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