Sat 13
Ladies 3rd Team
Harwich & Dovercourt Ladies 1s
By Vic Clement

By Vic Clement

By Sue Stenson
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Disappointing finish for Ipswich in top of table clash!

Ipswich Seven Ladies 3s Sat 13th October

IPS 2-Harwich 6

The ladies 3s went out early Saturday morning, the sun beating down and temperatures reaching 22 degrees by 10am it was a complete contrast to the previous weeks weather. Harwich 1s, a bogey team for the girls, took hold of the game within the first minute scoring a goal from the pushback. A stunned Ipswich failed to get hold of the ball and keep their composure for the next 20 minutes or so unfortunately allowing Harwich to score a further 2 goals. However suddenly something in the Ipswich team clicked and they began to fight back, dominating the last 15 minutes of the first half but the score still read 3-0 at the half time whistle. After a strong start after the break another break-away goal from Harwich took the home side by surprise again, taking the visitors lead to 4-0.

As before Ipswich got their heads together despite the score and began to take control of the game once more. A superbly struck pass into the D from SP saw Vic Clement deflect the ball past the Harwich Keeper to score the first of the home sides’ goals. Shortly after, some great movement and passing between the midfield and forwards gave Ro Anderson-Hurst the second goal for Ipswich. Ipswich seemed to be making a comeback but between injuries and lengthy umpiring issues it was hard to keep focus and before they could capitalise Harwich had scored a further two goals making the final score 6-2 to the visitors.

Ipswich were hugely disappointed to have not managed to get themselves back in full control of the game. A mixture of heat, lots of stops and starts and a very strong Harwich team saw the home side beaten not only physically but mentally also, but, on a positive note, goals were still scored and there was some outstanding play in defence that ensured the goal difference wasn’t more! Again, lots to work on in training and to take into the fixture against Framlingham 1s next week.

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Harwich & Dovercourt Ladies 1s
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