Sat 26
Ladies 3rd Team
Felixstowe 1
V Clement (15'), (28' Pen), A Duff (46')
L3s v Felixstowe 1s

L3s v Felixstowe 1s

By Henry Langton
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Wet & WINdy!

The Ladies 3’s started their league campaign against tough rivals Felixstowe on a very wet and blustery afternoon. We were extremely grateful to those who swept all the leaves off the pitch beforehand!

The team sheet was full of a mix of youth and experience - we were set for an exciting match. The start of the game saw Ipswich dominate the play and keep possession well. Langers would’ve been pleased with the style of play and the quick ball speed, a credit to to the work he and the players are doing at training.

Even though Ipswich had most of the possession Felixstowe were dangerous on the break and found themselves through on goal a few times. A quick pass through and they were one on one with the keeper, an early goal for the opposition.

Ipswich picked themselves up quickly and responded positively. We kept the possession but started to open up their defence too. Some great work from Amber on the ball and some silky skills from Vic. We had a penalty corner which then lead into Ipswich being awarded a penalty flick. It was the cool, calm and composed Vic who casually strolled up and nailed the ball into the bottom left corner.

We were now gaining momentum and pressing the Felixstowe defence further back. Ipswich had a full squad so we always had fresh legs ready to come on the pitch. The forwards started stretching their defence, a wonderful through pass from Harry to Vic who got past the keeper and slotted the ball away. A well deserved 2-1 lead going into half time.

The second half started with opportunities at both ends, with some great clearances from Tabs in goal. The defence were keeping their shape and not giving Felixstowe an inch. Ipswich had some chances, SP hitting a great pass across the goal but unfortunately no sticks on the end of it. A dodgy push on the back of a Felixstowe player from Selby gave her a green card and 2 minutes standing like a naughty school kid in the corner. Ipswich ploughed on with 10 players and responded with an incredible goal from Amber. A cracking pass from Vic and young Amber was one on one with the goalie, she calmly smashed it in the goal.

From this moment the match took a slight turn and Felixstowe threw everything at our defence. We held strong but an intercepted pass saw them through on goal they nudged the game towards a draw. With the score now at 3-2 Ipswich had to hold their structure and cling on to the match. All hands on deck with Felixstowe pressing, but some calm defending and excellent goalkeeping kept them at bay. There were some edgy moments and the last play of the match saw them awarded a penalty corner. All of the Felixstowe players were ready to pounce but our defence calmly dealt with the situation, the ball hit the foot of the opposition and the match was over.

Well played to all the ladies today, the work ethic was incredible. The man of the match was given to the youngest Logan (yes there is another one coming through now!). Emma played incredibly well for her first league appearance, she made some great runs on the right helped by some superb passing from a very experienced Logan playing at right back behind her.

The DoD went to me (Lauren), hence why I’m writing this match report - I think we should go back to the moose hat. A fantastic start to the season for the 3’s!

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Sat 26, Sep 2020



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Push back 14:00


Ladies Division 3NE
Emma Logan

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Emma Logan