Sat 31
Ladies 3rd Team
Felixstowe 2
R Dane (1'), (1'), (1'), L Hinton (40'), J Noordhuis (43'), L Rickard (64')
L3s v Felixstowe 2s

L3s v Felixstowe 2s

By Henry Langton
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A Spooky Spectacular Victory and Halloween Hat-trick

As to why I am writing this match report. Well, according to you wicked coven of ladies, I was wailing like a werewolf at a full-moon party… It was all for Halloween though! Glad I caused so much hilarity…

So, onto the serious stuff. After a heavy and humbling defeat against IES 2’s, followed by a bye-week and a friendly in-house Sunday training match, we were all fired up to get back to our winning ways on a ghoulishly gusty autumnal day. We certainly needed a win. After a switched on and energetic warm up (no complaints from Langers this week….), we were ready to hustle.

The game started brightly with good, solid passing sequences, link up play and we were rewarded by an absolutely on-form Rosie who hammered home a hat-trick in the first 22 minutes! Weaving her way around several players and causing no end of trouble for their defence – all done effortlessly (apart from the red face!). Job done….not quite….but certainly deserving of a break at half time! (shame Ellie only got the celebrations out at the end of the game…)

Take-aways from the first half were – maintain shape, use the width more (lacking in first half), press more as a unit and forwards hunker down in the D….indeed I think at one point Langers threatened to take two of his forwards off the pitch if they carried on standing up like sentry guards at Buckingham Palace!

Second half started brightly again and we all knew we had more work to do. Shout outs to Michelle in defence for a solid game and Emma, Lucy and Harry for their relentless running, pace and driving with the ball in the mid and just getting stuck in. No fear in transferring the ball around the back today either.

With two goals in quick succession from Lucy and ‘The Wailing Werewolf’ herself….we were 5-0 up. Felixstowe were up against it, but they continued to smash through balls and some individual skills from a couple of their players in midfield were rewarded with a consolation goal at 47 mins – Tabs now had a bit of work to do for some short ‘spells’, dusting off the ‘cobwebs’ on her pads when Felixstowe broke through for a few periods in the second half. Ipswich lost some shape and structure in the final period of the game, perhaps guilty of sitting back on our laurels somewhat, knowing victory was ours, however not before an absolutely ‘magic’ touch from Lou closed out a 6th and final, decisive deflection goal following a brilliant ball in by Harry.

All in all, a great result. Another victory. Some decent episodes of ‘spookily’ silky hockey passing, but not consistent throughout and sometimes many of us guilty of forcing that ball, playing a bit loose and we had other opportunities to score we didn’t close down. However, we took away a lot from today and as a team and unit we have been growing stronger and more confident with every game.

Sadly, post Bo Jo press conference last night, we are not sure how the coming weeks might play out for our training or fixtures…. but as an ‘elite squad’ of ladies….you never know! Hope we can go again and win big again!

Keep safe, keep fit and keep active - and see you all soon.

Result: 6-1
MoM: Rosie Dane - Halloween hattrick hero!
DoD: Jane Noordhuis a.k.a. 'The Wailing Werewolf'

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