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Suffolk Cup 2016-2017

Thanks for confirming entry to the Suffolk Club Championship at Culford School Bury on Sunday 4th September 2016.

Hopefully there will be a bar and BBQ etc available

Below are the provisional fixture schedule for the club championship on 4th September and some notes re the rules.

Please read the following carefully and pass to any captains & players who need it.

Pitch NEW 1 OLD 2
900 BSE v IES IHC v NHC Ladies
1020 IHC v BSE IES v FrHCLadies
1140 IES v NHC BSE v FeHC
1300 FrHC v FeHC IHC v IESLadies
1340 IHC v FeHC BSE v NHCMen
1420 SHC v LRHC IHC v FeHCLadies
1500 BSE v ICHC NHC v FrHC
1540 IES v FeHC IES v FeHC
1620 IHC v FrHC BSE v LRHCLadies
1700 NHC v FeHC ICHC v NHC
1740 IHC v IES BSE v FrHCMen
End 1820 Presentations

The colour coding is as follows, the format chosen has reflected;
a) hockey playing level as indicated by end of last season league positions and any conversation with me.
b) matches to determine cup, trophy, or plate positions
c) matches to give extra playing time in the day because of the number of entrants in a tournament level.

C) above is most complicated because on the ladies side IHC have agreed their team is 2s and 3s, there was a lack of SHALOL prem teams entering and most have a team in div 2 EWL.

Therefore all ladies teams are coded grey. except the 3 "equal" matches, see below.

All ladies teams (6) will play a round robin against all teams, the match against a higher or lower team is the one coded grey. In this match points will count but for a higher team goals scored will not but goals conceded will. For the lower team goals scored will count but those conceded will not. e.g. IHC v FeHC say result was 3-3 IHC would gain 1 point as would FeHC but FeHC would register 3 goals for and none against. IHC would have none registered for but 3 against.

The games coded green, orange and light blue are ladies games that will count points and goals as they are matched of equal teams, i.e. IES v NHC is the trophy match (ewl div 2), FrHC v FeHC (SHALOL prem) is the plate match. IHC v BSE, is the Cup match.(ewl div 1)

Hopefully your coaches will devise tactics appropriate to the game and can use these games as development as well as the fun event highlighting Suffolk hockey it is meant to be!!!

Mens games are coded as follows;
Cup games (EML prem standard) 3 entrants round robin, coded dark blue.

Mens trophy games, 5 teams entered all eml div 2-4, round robin coded tan.

All matches are 3 points for a win 2 for a scoring draw and 1 for a no score draw, nil points for a loss.

There are a number of colour clashes, I have not specified home or away and to sort out the fixture schedule, can the teams in yellow, NHC, ICHC, and LRHC bring alternative shirts or advise me and their respective contacts asap by email that an alternative is going to be worn.

Umpires are provided by SCHUA neutral pool to all mens matches and the ladies matches that are NOT grey. Each ladies club has to provide an umpire to SCHUA for neutral appointment to the games coded grey, this was in the invite and is the same as last year.

Each match slot is 40 minutes, = 2 x 17 mins with a half time of 1 minute. ONLY THE UMPIRES CHANGE ENDS, teams can use this as a time out if necessary but we must stick to 1 minute and 5 mins to change teams at the end. Hopefully BSE will have a PA system for our use and everyone will know where they are going!!!

Green cards are a 1 minute temporary suspension, yellow cards are a minimum of 3 mins temporary suspension. I suggest we use technical red cards, so a player receiving a technical red is suspended from the next game. More details on this will follow.

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The team

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