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Nathan reflects on a challenging year
JUST a year ago Nathan Cubitt’s life - and the lives of all his family and friends – was devastated when he was paralysed in a rugby accident.
Much has happened in the interim. Nathan was confronted with a monumental challenge of getting his life back on track from the desperation of his earliest nightmares. His family and friends were confronted with the challenge of knowing how best to help him cope with the ordeal.
It has been a difficult journey to a better place, but thanks to the unquenchable spirit of Nathan, it has been a trip that has been decorated throughout with as many smiles as anyone could possibly have imagined.
And it has been a rewarding voyage of discovery for everyone because through the adversity has shone a deep pool of goodwill and generosity which has touched everyone involved. We are besieged on a daily basis by nightmares in the media, but horrific tales of man’s inhumanity to man, yet Nathan Cubitt’s year has been a testament to the fact that people are fundamentally filled with generosity, sympathy and goodness.
Perhaps Nathan and his family are best placed to convey and underpin that message:
Says Nathan: “Well guys, it’s been a year, 12 months that has turned my life upside down. But I think it has changed me for the good and has also shown who my true friends are. Thank you so much to everyone, especially to Mark Dunstan, who has done so much with all the events and helping my mum and dad through this.
But there’s no need to look back in the past. Its now time to look to the future and see what the world has to throw at me. Thank you so much to KRUFC and the Colts - you guys have helped me through the hard parts of been in ‘Pinders’ and now I cannot wait to go see England v New Zealand with you guys!!

Says his sister Naomi: “One year ago my brother's life changed. One year ago our family grew to include those who supported us. And one year ago I learned that people have amazing hearts. One year on my family has settled, Nathan is happy and we are still so lucky to have amazing people who have made this year and have made an impression on me that will last a lifetime.
“Thank you so much for being the Cubitt’s rock - you have no idea what it means. There are literally no words to express it. We’re an amazing family I'm sure you will agree!”
And finally a mother’s thoughts.

Says Sue: “It certainly has been a testing, learning, emotional, inspirational, moving, bonding year for us all. We have had to learn so many new things, deal with so many changes that I think we are now ready to take on the world!
“Nathan has been such an inspirational young man throughout this time. His attitude, grit and determination has left many of us speechless and humble. He really has a spirit of patience (even though he tests mine constantly), acceptance and perseverance.
“Looking back a year to when Nathan first had the accident, it's not hard to believe just how much improvement he has made, but it has been a massive learning curve for all of us. There is no manual for this sort of thing, just advice and looking to the professionals to help along the way.
“Dave (Phillips) from the RFU got it totally right - it's like a fog descending. He assured us that in time it would lift, but it would take time. And it did. Although the fog has gone and we can see a lot clearer path for us, it's not going to be without difficulties, but thanks to Dave and the RFU for making this a better path than it could have been - our sincerest thanks for that support.
“There have been many, many highlights, not least the support received from people. Our family have been amazing, being there and supporting all of us together. Friends who I cannot thank enough, especially Mark, who has been a rock and an exceptionally organised event manager.
“We certainly wouldn't have been able to do this without his unwavering support - thank you from all of us. To our friends who have mucked in and being there for us all and individually - thank you. Jason Robinson, who has supported the Tag and Ball events and David Fishwick for the loan of a vehicle for six months. To all the companies who have kindly donated raffle prizes and helped with raffle ticket printing - thank you.
“The events have been unbelievable, even if they have given us more grey hairs! The first Zumba event was fantastic. I can remember driving around the corner to Silsden Football club thinking no one will be there and how wrong was I. What can I say? The cars were parked nearly all the way up to the roundabout!
“I wasn't expecting that at all. We had a fantastic night and this was a massive start for Nathan's Trust fund. The Tag Rugby Event was a superb day. The sun was shining and everyone had a blast! The momentum was definitely building now with the Golf Day organised and run by Kenny Dyson (thank you Kenny) was a huge success, there was a music night organised by one of Nathan's Team at Holy Family School, KRUFC organised another music night with a band, an exceptional night, Russell and his mates driving the amazing Bat Mobile to Portugal.
“We did a cycle ride from Liverpool to Leeds in September topped off with the Best Bib and Tucker Ball at the Rendezvous in Skipton. WOW - just mentioning all these has just made me realise what an amazing year we’ve had. All of this would not have been possible without all of you - how can we say thank you enough?

“We have already booked the club for the Tag Rugby Event 2013 and booked Rendezvous for the next ball. There is also the next cycle ride, coast to coast and hopefully a relay walk along Hadrian’s Wall. Please keep watching the blog for updates on table sponsors, sponsors for the bike ride, how to get involved in any of these events, prices, dates and more importantly volunteers needed too!

“As for Nathan now, we learned the other day that he can now very slightly twitch a finger - this for us is the best news for a while. If Nathan could possibly get his hand function back it would mean the world to Nathan and us, partly because I would not have to shave him!! But seriously, this would give him back so much independence, he would have to relearn the everyday things again that he has lost. It would make an enormous difference.
“Whilst I am sure that Nathan's hospital visits will continue and there will be other issues cropping up too, I don't think these will faze us much. We are pushing for Nathan's extension on the house, planning went in last week (fingers crossed).
“This will give Nathan his own living area including a wet room. He has informed me that as soon as he gets a shower, he's going to stay in it for a full day. Nathan will also have his own living room and separate bedroom too – and a lift connecting the kitchen and his room.
“For the first year’s anniversary we are launching Nathan's wristbands which are now available from the club or from the website. Please see site for full details or alternatively email
“Finally, thank you so very, very much from Nathan and all his family for the helping us through this difficult but engaging year.”

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