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Player Information Sheet 2010-2011

Player Information Sheet 2010-2011

By Alden Phillips
25 July 2010
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Keighley Rugby Union Football Club

Season 2010/2011

1. Club Address
Keighley RUFC, Skipton Road, Utley, Keighley, BD20 6DT
Tel. Keighley (01535) 602174 Fax: 01535 607332

2. Club Structure
The Club exists to play and promote Rugby Union Football and the promotion of associated social activities. It is administered by a General Committee, which usually meets on the second Monday of every month in the Gilbert Swift Room at 7.30pm.
The following sub-committees exist to administer the various aspects of the Club:-
House and Ground
Social and Fund Raising.

The Football sub-committee is responsible for all aspects of playing Rugby Union Football including selection of teams to represent Keighley R.U.F.C and is answerable to the General Committee. Its constitution is as follows:-
Chairman: Derek Feather
Secretary: Alden Phillips
1st XV Manager: Derek Feather
2nd XV Managers: Robin Hebden,Tim Kubran, Michael Feather
3rd XV Manager: Loz Marklew, Mark Hurtley
1st XV Capt. Leigh Sugden
1st XV V-Capt.
Vets Manager: Position Vacant
Bantams Rep. Position Vacant
Club coach: Graeme Sheffield
Asst Coaches: David Lister, Tim Brunskill, Danny McGee,
Kevin Young, Kenny Dyson
Players' Rep. Position Vacant
Press Officer: Bob Swift
1st XV Baggage: Gerry Dean
Supporters Rep. Ken Harker
Ex-officio: Sam Griffin (Club Chairman)

3. Membership
All players are required to be Full Members of the Club. Current subscription rate is £10, payable 1st May each year plus a £1 levy above normal match fee per game. Student and Junior membership is £5. (See Rule 4 of Club Rules for definitions).
A current copy of the Club Rules is displayed on the Club Notice Board or is available from the Steward. Completed Membership Forms, accompanied by the appropriate money, may be given to the Steward for depositing in the Membership Box, as also may yearly subscriptions for those players who are already members. Membership secretary is Mrs Kate Metcalfe.

4. Insurance
The club is a member of The Rugby Football Union and insures teams under the Rugby Union Football Accidents Insurance Scheme. Details of the cover of this scheme are on the Club Notice Board. Players must be paid-up members of KRUFC to get benefit. However, it must be pointed out that this scheme does not cover temporary disablement, eg. breaking a leg or arm. Members are therefore advised to obtain personal cover for loss of earnings etc. Appendix 1 of this documents has details extracted from the RFU Web-site.

5. Tetanus
All players are strongly advised to ensure they are protected against tetanus. Your local GP (Doctor) will be able to immunise you.

6. Injuries
The Club employs physiotherapist David Cook to attend to the needs of players' injuries. Players wishing to see David Cook privately and wanting to claim reimbursement from the Club must first seek approval from the Football Sub-Committee Chairman, Coach or Secretary.

7. Training
Training takes place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and at other times as deemed necessary. Players should be changed and on the field at 6.45pm. 1st and 2nd XV players are expected to undertake physical fitness work at times other than scheduled training nights. Limited weight training facilities are available at the club.

8. Selection and Unavailability
The Football Sub-committee selects teams on Tuesday evenings at 9.00pm (or after training finishes) in the Gilbert Swift Room at the Club.
It is the responsibility of each player, to inform the Football Sub-committee, either in person or by telephone, whether or not they are available for selection. Selected teams are posted on the Club Notice Board after training on Tuesday and also published in the Keighley News every Thursday. If a selected player finds that he is unable to play he must notify, as soon as possible, his Team Manager or the Team and Match Secretary, Alden Phillips Tel (H) Kly 01535 654125. (Mob. 07931 737417)
Players who "cross off" are not only letting the Club down but, more importantly, their fellow teammates. "Crossing off" on a Friday evening must only be used in an absolute emergency. Thursday evening, when a player arrives for training, is the last acceptable time for "crossing off", other than for an injury suffered in training on the Thursday night.

9. Meeting Times
All players are required to meet at the designated assembly point (usually at the Club) promptly at the time shown on the team sheet, particularly for away games. They are expected to travel to away games on the Club coach, when provided. Players who find they have to make their own way to away games must inform their team manager.
NB. Team managers’ names appear on the first page of this information sheet. Telephone numbers can be obtained from the Annual Fixture Card, a copy of which is kept behind the bar.
When weather conditions on Saturday mornings indicate that games may have to be cancelled, players are requested to telephone the Club no earlier than 30 minutes before the appointed meeting time for away games (unless the players live some distance away from the Club) and after 12 o'clock for home games.

10. Coach Travel
When travelling on the club coach to away fixtures the behaviour of all players must be impeccable. Respect should be given to the driver and coach fittings at all times, no matter what the circumstances may be.

11. Match Fees
For each game played a fee of £4.00p (including £1 subscription levy) is made for players over 21 years of age on 1st September each season and £2.00 for students. Some managers or captains charge extra or operate a fining system, the proceeds from which usually go to an end of season get-together.
NB. Any player suffering financial difficulties through unemployment etc. should inform their Team Manager, Football Sub-Committee Secretary or Chairman.

12. Dress and Appearance
The Club provides a jersey, shorts and socks for most teams in Club Colours each week. Players are to provide boots and any other necessary equipment. Socks in Club Colours, shorts and boot studs are available from the Club Shop. All players should turn out onto the field with clean shorts, socks and boots. For travel to and from away games players are expected to wear a club blazer or club sweater and tie. Or designated travelling gear.

13. Discipline
All players should realise that in playing for any team they are representing Keighley RUFC and their behaviour MUST be exemplary. Dismissal from the field is a very serious offence and will involve the player appearing before a Yorkshire RFU Disciplinary Sub-Committee in Leeds. It is the Club's policy to pass on to players the £25 charge imposed by the Yorkshire RFU for such players.

14. Coaching
Books and videos are available for loan to players wanting to improve their positional play and skills. Please see Alden Phillips.

15. Grievance Procedure
It is hoped that any player with a suggestion or grievance would, in the first instance, contact his team manager or any other member of the Football Sub-Committee to discuss it. However, if any player feels he is unable to do this, the Players' Representatives on the Football Sub-Committee for current Season should be approached.

16. Awards for Players
i) 1st XV Tie - Awarded to a player when he first achieves 20 selected appearances in the 1st XV in one season.
ii) Sam Keighley Trophy - Awarded annually at the AGM (in July) to the most outstanding player in the 1st XV during the previous season.
iv) Gary Farr Trophy - Awarded annually at the AGM to the player who has scored the most tries in the previous season (all senior games count, ie. 1st to 5th XV & Vets).

v) Award for any Club Member
The Philip Tyas Trophy is awarded to the outstanding clubman of the year at the AGM.

17. Player Registration for Courage Leagues Championship
Every player who takes part in a League or National Cup Competition Game must be registered. Alden Phillips is the registrar for Keighley. Registration requires the completion of a simple form, the details on it being transferred to a computer operated by the RFU. Registration costs nothing.
This registration form is intended to last as long as the player's career lasts and the registration system continues for Club League Games, Yorkshire & Other Cup games. Registration only applies to League and National and Yorkshire Cup games and only to those players who take part, or are likely to take part in League and Cup games.
The Registration Form is standard to all clubs and consists of one sheet of A4 paper. Following a player completing a form it is signed by a club official and kept in a file. The registration is made electronically by the Keighley Registrar (Alden Phillips).

Players contemplating changing clubs should note that there is a 7-day qualifying period before they can play for their new club (except front row forwards – 3 days). Furthermore:
No player may hold effective registration before his 17th birthday
No player under 18 years of age may play in the Front Row.
No player may hold effective registration with more than 3 clubs in one rugby season
No player may hold effective registration with more than one club at any one time.

Standard letters for rescinding a proposed move or informing a club that you are leaving to join another are available from the Football Sub-Committee Secretary, Alden Phillips.
(Draft15: 21/07/2010)
--------------------- 0000 ----------------

Trophy History

The Sam Keighley Memorial Trophy
The award was first presented in 1966 in memory of Sam Keighley, a talented fly half who played many times for the 1st XV.
In a minute of the General Committee Meeting of 8th June 1966 it was decided a trophy would be presented at the forthcoming AGM to "the outstanding player of the year". George Stephenson was to get the trophy and because it was decided that all the trophies in the catalogue from Willis Walker were "cheap looking", a rose bowl was purchased as the trophy.

The first presentation took place at the AGM on 13th July 1966 by the Presidents (Joe McDowell the retiring and Harold Handley the new president) to Alec Bailey, 1st XV hooker.

The Gary Farr Trophy
Gary Farr was a very active playing member of the club during the 70's and 80's who played in the lower teams and donated a trophy for the player scoring the most tries in a season; all recognised KRUFC games counting.

The Willy Hafu Man-of-Steel Trophy
On leaving to return to his home country of New Zealand in March 2004, Willy Hafu gave to the club a trophy which he had fashioned himself from odd bits of steel. It is presented annually to the most improved player in the 1st XV. It was first presented in July 2004 to Tom McArthur.

The Philip Tyas Trophy
Philip’s widow presented a trophy in memory of her husband, who was…….., and it is presented annually at the AGM to the person who has done the most for the Club in the previous year. All members are eligible – players and non-players.

Appendix 1
Voluntary Insurance Cover
The information below has been extracxted from the RFU website in July 2010 can be found at the following internet address;

Personal Accident
A simple ‘accidental injury’ policy that will provide a lump sum benefit and can include a weekly benefit as a result of a temporary total disablement. This type of cover will top up the cover available under the RFU provided Group Personal Accident policy.
Premiums are likely to start at £60 per annum for a lump sum benefit of £50,000.
Insurer Product Name Contact No
Aviva (Norwich Union) Accidental Disability Insurance 0800 051 8998
ACE European Group Personal Accident Protection 0845 841 0056

Income Protection
This policy will provide a weekly or monthly benefit for a longer term, often up to 2 or 5 years.
Premiums will be dependent upon age, health and occupation as well as level and period of benefit.
Premiums are likely to start from £300 per annum.
Insurer Product Name Contact No
Pinnacle Income Protection 0800 156 0233
Please note that the above insurers may request that you purchase your policy through a broker and they will advise you at the time you contact them, which brokers the product is available through.
'Hybrid Products'
A hybrid policy is a package that can cover injuries, broken bones, hospitalisation, dental treatment, physiotherapy and income protection.

Premiums start at approx. £50 per annum
Insurer Product Name Contact No
Pinnacle Insurance plc Sports Injury Protection 0800 035 0240
Sportscover Direct SportsGuard 0845 120 6400
All of the above providers are regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

The terms and conditions for specific products will vary between providers.

Some providers will only make available their own products and consequently we would always recommend that the advice of an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) is sought to ensure that the correct product and level of protection is offered to meet individual needs and circumstances.

Marsh have not carried out checks on the financial standing on all of the providers listed in this supplementary report and it is strongly recommended that any individual contemplating arranging an insurance policy with any of the companies listed should satisfy themselves that they are financially sound.

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