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3. General

Code of Conduct 2015/16

1. All Club Officials must acknowledge and adhere to the Child Protection Policy. This policy is for all age groups and is available in hard copy or electronically for all persons associated with the respective Teams and Club. Each Team’s associated League's Management committee has the right to inspect the policy at any time during the playing season.

2. All Officials and Players must abide by the Laws of the Football Association (F.A.) and any rules detailed in the Handbook of each Team’s respective League.

3. It is a requirement of membership to K.A.F.C. that all Club Officials, Managers, Assistant Managers, Coaches, or any other person/s who represent the Team/s will ensure the wellbeing and safety of all Players, Spectators and Officials (including Non-Official) at all times whilst engaged in any playing which are governed by each respective League.

4. All Club Officials, Managers, Assistant Managers, Coaches or Committee member/s are responsible for the behaviour of their Team Players and Supporters (relevant behaviour will include the use of bad language, aggressiveness, gestures or physical contact. These behavior’s, as well as any other behaviour deemed inappropriate by the Club, will not be tolerated and disciplinary action may be taken not only by K.A.F.C., but also by the County Football Association and the respective League).

5. All incidents that are associated with the above clause, including the conduct and behaviour of any opposition and their associated Supporters and Officials must be reported immediately to the Club's appointed Welfare officer. Failure to do so may result in a fine from the County Football Association, the respective League and KAFC.

6. Racism or any form of discrimination will not be tolerated at K.A.F.C.

7. All managers and club officials will ensure that they instil within their players and supporters the conduct of fair play, sportsmanship and equality both on and off the field of play.

8. All persons connected to K.A.F.C must adhere to and promote the club’s policy of 'ZERO TOLERANCE'

All parents/guardians of players under 18 must read and acknowledge the K.A.F.C’s Rules and General Information.