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4. Child Protection

Child Protection

Child protection is high on The Football Association and Kew Association Football Club’s agenda. The goal is to have someone at every club in the country aware of child protection and best practice, whether it's a Premiership Academy or a Sunday morning park side.

At Kew AFC we are determined to lead the way with child protection, which is why Criminal Record (CRB) checks are carried out not only on all our managers but all club and appointed referees. Our Child Welfare Officer is Craig Evans.

The Football Association’s 'Goal' campaign is about doing things the right way, doing things properly. It's about allowing children to enjoy the game without abuse of any kind. That means bullying, physical, emotional or sexual abuse and neglect.

The FA and Kew passionately believes football can have a powerful positive influence on children. But that means everyone involved in football must take on the responsibility of looking after those children that want to play the game.

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