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1. Concerns and/or Complaints Procedures

We like to think that at Kew we operate a well run Club. However we recognise that things won't always go right. To this end the Club has a process for dealing with any concerns and /or complaints.

Any issue In the first instance, if appropriate, should be raised directly with the person who is potentially causing the problem. In most instances issues are between Team Managers and Parents. Therefore in this example the Team Manager needs to be fully aware of what the issues are and have a chance to address them.

If it is not appropriate to take the matter to the Club Official concerned or having taken it to the Club Official there is no agree resolution then the issue should be bought to the attention of the Club's Youth Section Secretary. This should be in a brief written format, email or letter. The Club Secretary will then decide on next course of action.

Should the matter be deemed a Child Welfare issue then it will be passed on to the Clubs's Welfare Officer. Any other matters will be dealt with by the Club Secretary. The Secretary will contact the Parent/Carer involved to discuss the issue and gather and record facts. The Secretary will then discuss with the Club Official involved in the issue and gather and record facts. The Club Secretary will then make a decision on the issue communicated to all parties involved.

If the Secretary's decision is not acceptable to Club Official and/or Parent/Carer then the matter will be discussed at Club Committee level and their decision will be final.

Please note that the Club will not take concerns/complaints about player playing time unless there is clear evidence that lack of playing time is due to very extreme circumstances.

If you need clarification with these rules please contact the Youth Section Secretary -Lisa Sparkes, email [