Jubilee Mission Statement

Jubilee Mission Statement

The vocation of the King’s Cross Steelers Rugby Football Club is primarily to provide the opportunity for members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies to play and enjoy ever-improving standards of rugby.

As the world’s first LGBTQ+ & Inclusive rugby club, our mission is to assert in front of the whole rugby community our value as competitive sportspeople through our progress and results.

Founded in 1995, predominantly for gay and bisexual men we honour those beginnings and what it meant to that part of our community. We now strive to do more by supporting, through our membership and campaigns, Rugby For All. No matter the gender, non-binary status, sexual identity, ethnic or socio-economic background, all are can join us. Our Club aims to be a role model for the LGBTQ+ community and a successful example of friendly cohabitation between people of all backgrounds.

All Are Welcome.

The Club will strive:
— To ensure that it develops the self-confidence and motivation of all its players.

— To field a team that plays and enjoys competitive senior rugby.

— To supply an alternative platform for those desiring to play social rugby.

— To provide structured training at various levels to advance the abilities of all players joining the Club.

— To provide an environment where people of all genders, sexual orientation, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds can feel comfortable about themselves, whilst pursuing their interest in rugby.

— To actively encourage new and former players, especially where they may have been discouraged by prejudice.

— To encourage, develop, and integrate the Club’s supporters network and foster increased community links.

— To provide an active social programme for the enjoyment of players and supporters.

— To work in partnership with other LGBTQ+ sports organisations, sports organisations and
the RFU to help progress diversity & inclusion in sport and society.

— To work with the LGBTQ+ community and the under represented groups within it, where appropriate, to support their own voice and lived experiences.