Sun 29
Better teamwork and improved defence from Rhinos

Better teamwork and improved defence from Rhinos

By John Watkins
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Much improved defensive performance from Rhinos

Rhinos tackled, challenged and competed as a team today, in a much improved performance from the reverse fixture just a few weeks ago.

Against arguably the strongest opposition we have played this season, the boys put in not only a spirited performance, but also a disciplined one - which was particularly pleasing to see the results of recent training sessions. They held their 'line' much better as a team and held their individual positions better, which allowed them to defend in numbers across the width the pitch.

Presenting at the ruck was much improved and as a consequence this made space for rucking over, which in itself was better today.

There is much work to do, but under this very stern test, and with 6 players missing, the boys showed great spirit and character and should all be congratulated for there efforts today.

Well done Rhinos!

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Sun 29, Jan 2017