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Daltrey and Cook Step Down

Daltrey and Cook Step Down

Knaphill FC Webmaster8 May - 13:20
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Jamie Daltrey and John Cook part ways with Knaphill FC.

Knaphill FC are sad to announce that Jamie Daltrey and John Cook have resigned from their positions as co-manager following last night’s (7 May) narrow play-off final defeat v AFC Croydon Athletic.

The 2023-24 season has been the club’s most successful season to date, breaking many records. We would like to thank Jamie, John, Lee and the rest of the management team for all their hard work and efforts throughout the season.

In response to their resignation, Knaphill Chairman, Chris Drane, said: "Well, what season. I joined this club as part of a management team looking after players, coaches and managers as their kit man nearly five years ago. I have ended this season as chairman of the club, seen us have a record equalling run in the FA Cup. Competed with teams around us with far greater budgets and resources yet still got to the playoff final and represented little Knaphill village in front of a record busting crowd.

"To say that I am proud to be a Knapper is an understatement; it’s been an amazing first part of the centenary year for the club, I think that is due to the dedication of the players, coaches and managers who have performed amazingly these past 10 months.

"The hard work and dedication of all involved in the running of the club goes without saying; however, I will say what a pleasure it has been working with them.
It is however with a tinge of sadness that I have received today the resignation of the management team, Jamie Daltrey and John Cook are both stepping down as first team managers along with their assistant Lee Trussler. I wish to thank on behalf of the club their tireless efforts in pushing the team to where it is now and from where we all found it five years ago.

"On a personal level, it is a sad day for me to see the team break up, but with what we achieved it can only end on a high. I wish all three the best in whatever they do next.
It is not the end for me though, as i fully intend to continue my chairmanship and try to rebuild, albeit now from a higher platform than when I joined and took over.

"I aim to keep trying to gain more teams at a youth level to come and represent this great club and fully make it a part of the community and take it to even greater levels and finish what I signed up to.

"The restrictions placed upon us by higher authorities only pushes me further to achieve this. Football at grass roots is growing; the opportunities for funding and assistance from various foundations is helping no end, and I fully intend to secure this for Knaphill FC.

"So, the end of an era but the birth of new beginnings."

The club will make further announcements in due course.

Dalts & Cookie, once a Knapper, always a Knapper.

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