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2014/15 LHNC Volunteer Program Update

2014/15 LHNC Volunteer Program Update

Rachel Green11 May 2015 - 12:25
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Volunteer profile Lorraine Weekes-Bailey

Name: Lorraine Weekes-Bailey

Number of years involved in Netball, since birth: Since Primary School – around the age of 9 years old

Date you joined Ladyhawks? A founding member in 2009

What attracted you to develop as an Umpire? Learn new skills, to be able to Umpire at League and tournaments and to develop as a player

What umpiring related courses have you attended? I have attended the C Award Umpire Course that was held and supported by Everybody Sport and Recreation in Shavington in April 2015

What are your Umpiring goals for 2014/15? I would like to Umpire at our Training and Tournaments with the hope of Umpiring in our Local League in the future.

You have started being mentored at training umpiring other club team games. What is that like? I have been mentored by Arty and Claire, they have been a great support and really boosted my confidence, they make me feel much more confident in decision making and I know they are always there if I have questions or need a boost in confidence.

Has what you thought umpiring might be like differed to what it is actually like? Umpiring is much harder than I ever imagined, I have played netball for years, you think you know every rule but when you Umpire there is a lot to take in, it is harder but I am up for the challenge.

What is your view on the new Volunteer Development Programme? The volunteer programme is essential if volunteers wish to further their skills, the programme has really helped develop our Club, and it is good to have the support network around us.

Has your new journey as an umpire had an impact on your player perspective? Yes I will definitely appreciate the hard work of an umpire, if an umpire misses an infringement never will I think “how did they miss that?”, there is so much going on its hard to capture everything, as a player I hope it will enhance my play as

Top tip for anyone reading this, curious to give umpiring a go but not sure where to start? If you want a challenge and are keen to learn a new skill I would definitely give umpiring a try, maybe try Umpiring at a few training sessions or speak to the our Volunteer Co-ordinator (Imo Greatbatch) to see what courses are available.

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