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2014/15 LHNC Volunteer Programme Development – Update 2:

2014/15 LHNC Volunteer Programme Development – Update 2:

Imogen Greatbatch23 Dec 2014 - 17:32
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Big bucks invested in Club Volunteer programme. Insight for you moving from Umpiring to Coaching

If you had the chance to read our November initial update, you will know how important volunteers are, particularly when it comes to Umpiring and Coaching. That’s why they are the focus of this year’s programme. We are extremely proud to announce that our bid to Cheshire East as part of their Community Grant Scheme was…successful which means we have received £1000 to go towards kit and incentives for the 20 volunteers registered on the programme.

This month we speak to Katey, a new Ladyhawk for 2014/15 who has been caught hook, line and sinker by the coaching bug and here is why…

Name: Katey Sadler

Number of years involved in Netball, since birth: 8 years (School and Uni)

Date you joined Ladyhawks? August 2014 - moved back home from Uni and wanted to get involved!

What attracted you to develop as Coach? It is an opportunity to learn from other coaches and (hopefully) develop as a player too, as you see the game from a different perspective. I am training to be a teacher this year and would like to be able to take coaching experience into a primary school once I qualify. It is also an opportunity to become more involved in the club.

How long have you been on the LHNC volunteer programme? I began the programme in early September 2014.

Who do you coach and how often? I help at the TeenHawks training sessions on a Monday evening and attend their league matches.

What coaching related courses are you hoping to attend this year? I am planning on attending a course to obtain Level 1 Assistant Coach Qualification.

What are your coaching goals for 2014/15? To develop my knowledge and to build my confidence so that I lead aspects of each coaching session. I want to continue to be involved with the Teenhawks.

What has been your favourite coaching moment so far? Attending the matches at Warrington and seeing the teams develop each week and really enjoy playing their matches :)...and winning!

How would you describe a 'typical' coaching session? Lively!! There's never a dull moment with the Teenhawks!! The session begins with an outline of what the focus of the session is and then a warm-up (much needed when on the astroturf on a winter's night!), before 2 or 3 drills, with a demonstration outlining the key coaching points, that aim to develop the skill that is being focused upon, ending with a match, putting into practice what has been learnt during the session. There is then a quick plenary and a cool down.

Has your new journey as a coach had an impact on your player perspective? I feel like I have learnt a lot since beginning to coach and now 'think' a lot more about what I am doing/where other players are when playing rather than just continuously running for the ball! I think I have considered tactics more since starting to coach.

If anyone was interested in getting involved in coaching what would be your top tip / insight for them? I would definitely recommend it, but commitment is essential. It isn't possible to attend every session and match but you do need to attend these as often and consistently as possible - you will get out of it what you put into it.

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