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Meet The Team: Bethany Atkin

Meet The Team: Bethany Atkin

By Alex Bunn
23rd August
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Number 2 in the series is our number 2!

Beth has been a main feature on the Lakenham pitch for over a decade, including several seasons as captain of the Ladies team. Unfortunately for us, a concussion saw Beth sidelined at the beginning of the '18/'19 season, however this proved a useful cover for her as she had Lakenham’s newest member, Luna, cooking in the oven! So, after a season off, we’re excited to have Beth back at pre-season and look forward to seeing her on the pitch ASAP.

Name: Beth
Age: 26
Position: Hooker

When did you start playing rugby and why?
I started rugby when I was 15 because I was bored of gymnastics and dance and had a rugby taster session at school.

Can you remember your first training session or game with Lakenham?
My first game for Lakenham was an inter-school tournament.

What do you like to eat before a match?
I like to eat Ready Brek with chocolate spread and banana as pre match breakfast.

How do you calm your pre-match nerves?
With my pre match poo!

What training sessions or drills do you like best?
I love attacking drills - who doesn’t?!

What three qualities are most important for succeeding in your position?

  1. Enjoyment
  2. Quick reactions
  3. Power

What has been your favourite rugby social?
'Grans and Prams' social was the best. New players were dressed up as babies and each was given a seasoned gran to look after them!

What do you do outside of rugby?
Outside of rugby at the moment I’m drowning in baby sick, poop and dribble!

Finally, can we have two truths and one lie?

  1. I can ride a unicycle
  2. I once went to high five a ref when he signalled for a line out
  3. I only eat carrots raw

Thanks for sharing Beth! If you want to find out which is the lie, come and talk to Beth at one of our training sessions, every Tuesday at our Hilltops ground from 7pm, and the first session is FREE! Get in touch for more info, or just turn up and look for the crowd of fierce looking women.

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