Meet The Team: Hannah Ellis

Meet The Team: Hannah Ellis

By Alex Bunn
8 March 2020
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It's been a while...

"I couldn't imagine my life without you and I thank you so much"
Drunk Hannah, March 2020

I've been slack so now we have some catching up to do learning all about the team. Hannah is one of the faster runners on the Lake squad - some say she's powered partly by the wing-like lashes she wears but I think if anything they would be a hinderance to her visual field. Hannah is a deceptive player, looking like she'd not be out of place on Love Island, but hitting like the spirit of Jonah Lomu lives within her.

Name: Hannah Ellis
Age: 22
Position: Wing

When did you start playing rugby and why?
Last season, Chloe at work suggested I should go.

Can you remember your first training session or game with Lakenham?
Yes it was on the common I was the first person there and very nervous

What do you like to eat before a match?
Normally a bacon sandwich a few hours before if I’m not feeling too nervous

How do you calm your pre-match nerves?
I listen to music to try and get me buzzing for the game

What training sessions or drills do you like best?
Definitely tackling drills

What three qualities are most important for succeeding in your position or rugby in general?
Speed, communication and hard tackling

What has been your favourite rugby social?
Definitely the charity shop challenge

What do you do outside of rugby?
I like to ride the horses I share and see family/friends

Finally, can we have two truths and one lie?

  • I climbed Snowden mountain in Wales
  • I used to jump off cliffs into the sea for fun
  • I won Norfolk’s top junior show jumper when I was 10

Hannah, you're a diamond and we're so lucky to have you, even if you sometimes spew your feelings out all over the team bus. We'll try to get a few more profiles out before the end of the league season, and look forward to finding some new members over the summer to join our squad next season!

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