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Meet The Team: Jess Underwood

Meet The Team: Jess Underwood

By Alex Bunn
29 August 2019
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The third in our series

"Let's Owen Farrell the shit out of this!"
- Jess Underwood

This week we meet Jess, one of our lengthiest players. Jess has a unique style on the pitch, often using her face to bring down the opposition.

Name: Jess, Junderwood, Long One
Age: 25
Position: Flanker

When did you start playing rugby and why?
Honestly, I got on the Olympics 2016 hype train and just wanted to take up a sport. I was googling average ages of Olympic athletes and discovered that the rugby players were all older than I at the time so thought, there we go, that's my way to Tokyo 2020. So I found Lakenham at the end of Summer 2016 and have not looked back since.

Can you remember your first training session or game with Lakenham?
I turned up to a session right at the end of Summer so was a nice evening to lure me in and just joined in with everyone passing a ball around. Everyone was friendly and welcoming which made me want to come back. I managed to fall off my push bike the day after and tore my shoulder so didn't return for a few weeks but upon my return everyone was just as lovely and all asked where I had been.

What do you like to eat before a match?
I usually make a mammoth stack of pancakes to devour at home and then top myself up with sugary sweets, ideally softies, en route to a game.

How do you calm your pre-match nerves?
By a delightful mix of high energy music and nervy poos. Sometimes both at once.

What training sessions or drills do you like best?
I love when we simulate game play at training, I like seeing how a drill works in motion. Rugby netball is always a winner too.

What three qualities are most important for succeeding in rugby?

  1. Quick reflexes
  2. Acceleration
  3. A positive attitude

What has been your favourite rugby social?
We did a 'Pub and Gore' beer tour last year which was the absolute dream, a heady blend of local facts and copious amounts of beer. The dream.

What do you do outside of rugby?
I can often be found down the pub with friends.

Finally, can we have two truths and one lie?

  1. My biggest fear is finding a snake in a toilet
  2. I tried to eat a jar of marmite, it was so awful that I didn't then eat marmite for 9 years
  3. I once got stuck in a child's swing and had to be cut out by a fire officer

Thanks Jess! I'm starting to notice a pattern with these pre-match rituals... If you want to jump on the rugby bandwagon come and join us at our Hilltops ground on Tuesday evenings from 7pm!

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