Meet The Team: Keryl Watkinson

Meet The Team: Keryl Watkinson

By Alex Bunn
24 November 2019
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Happy 21st Birthday Keryl!

"Like Beryl but with a K"
Carol, 2019

Carol joined Lakenham last season, and boy are we lucky to have her. The fiesty prop with a bionic ankle, all she needs is to have more confidence in herself. Little Beryl is always a ray of sunshine at training and she works damn hard on the pitch to make a big impact. Front rows of the league - beware.

Name: Keryl Watkinson
Age: 21
Position: Loose Head Prop

When did you start playing rugby and why?
I started playing touch rugby at primary school then I started doing contact when I was 13. Why? I don’t rearly know but I don’t regret it one bit!

Can you remember your first training session or game with Lakenham?
Yeah I remember it was this time last year I came with another couple of girls from diss and at the end of the training session we all felt so included already!

What do you like to eat before a match?
I don’t! I feel too sick!

How do you calm your pre-match nerves?
I stay in bed as long as possible so I have to rush and get ready so I don’t have time to think about it and stress myself out!

What training sessions or drills do you like best?
I like sessions on scrumming or kicking drills as you can never do too much practice of either!

What three qualities are most important for succeeding in your position or rugby in general?

  1. Teamwork
  2. Strength
  3. Decision making

What has been your favourite rugby social?
My favourite social has been the 12 days of christmas pub crawl!

What do you do outside of rugby?
I go to the gym a fair bit but then defeat the object by socialising which evolves a fair amount of alcohol.

Finally, can we have two truths and one lie?

  1. I was the champion two years running at the slow bike race in primary school
  2. I have a metal plated ankle/leg because I decided to break it twice at the same time
  3. I own 5 dogs

Come and meet Coral at training on Tuesday nights from 7.30pm, and you could earn a nickname too!

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