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Meet The Team: Sian Keeping

Meet The Team: Sian Keeping

By Alex Bunn
7th September
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Continuing our series where we meet the Ladies of Lakenham with Sian, left of the picture.

Next up in the series we meet Sian. A founding member of the "Second Row Posse" and talented street dancer, Sian is also the team's official Photoshop Master.

Name: Sian
Age: 26
Position: Second Row

When did you start playing rugby and why?
I started playing in my first year of university. I grew up watching my dad play, and decided to take it up myself… partly to annoy him, and partly because I wanted to follow in his footsteps. I started off playing in the backs, and have now managed to step into his old playing position.

Can you remember your first training session or game with Lakenham?
My first game with Lakenham was after a break from rugby, and consisted of many poor tackles on my part, whilst wondering whether I should just take up knitting or something instead. However, the entire team rallied behind me, encouraged me, and cheered me on with a pint at the end of the match, making me feel like a member of the family instantly.

What do you like to eat before a match?
I generally try and eat nothing beforehand, then stockpile an inordinate amount of food post-game. Lauren once encouraged me to eat a McDonald’s breakfast before a match, and it was hands down the worst decision I’ve ever made.

How do you calm your pre-match nerves?
With some very passionate renditions of Macklemore beforehand, and by getting hyped up in the warm-ups.

What training sessions or drills do you like best?
I enjoy kicking drills, and sessions where we get to have a mock game at the end to practise what we've just learned.

What three qualities are most important for succeeding in your position or rugby in general?

  1. Communication with the rest of the scrum
  2. Faith in yourself and your teammates
  3. Persistence and determination to keep going even when you’re exhausted

What has been your favourite rugby social?
We’ve started doing an ‘Epic Preseason’ course each year, which concludes with a camping trip. Our first camping trip had us raft building, crate stacking and offering many, many toasts to Dee.

What do you do outside of rugby?
A combination of hanging out with friends, annoying my girlfriend, messing around on Photoshop, and petting dogs.

Finally, can we have two truths and one lie?

  1. I once got set on fire at a rugby social whilst dressed as a sheep.
  2. I once got distracted by a dog on the sideline mid-game and gave away a try.
  3. When handing back a dropped gumshield during a game, the member of the opposing team promptly made the most of being gumshield-less and sank her teeth into my hand.

If you'd like to see Sian and the rest of the team in action, head to our Hilltops ground tomorrow, Sunday 8th September, where we'll be kicking off our season at 3pm against Southwold Swallows.

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