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Recruiting the ones ages 5yrs to 11yrs

Recruiting the ones ages 5yrs to 11yrs

By Andy Pullinger
6 October 2019
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Rugby Fun for all the Youngsters Sunday 20th October

Get the message out to all your Friends and family

On Sunday 20th October come to the Club for 10.30 with all your 5 to 11year old kids.

Where the little ones can enjoy a session of Rugby for around an hour and then help them selves to our hospitality of free hot dogs and squash inside the newly refurbished Cub House.

I together with other RFU qualified coaches will be on hand to welcome all new comers along with the established team coaches for the 10s and 11s.

Please contact me should you have any questions or seek more information about Mini and youth Rugby at Lakenham Hewett RFC

Looking forward to a great day and ongoing Season

PS Come on England ( & the other home nations, when not playing the Roses)

Andy Pullinger
01603 742893
07799 484040

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