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Reasons to get involved and let your family be part of the one big rugby family.

Reasons to get involved and let your family be part of the one big rugby family.

By Jamie Kent
5 October 2017
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There are weekly training sessions, matches and festivals.
The RFU Code of Rugby lists Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship as the primary objectives of rugby. Which clubs all adhere too.

This Code enables its followers to attain and develop the skills they need for Life – and not just rugby. They learn how to be decent upstanding members of society prepared to work hard and play hard. This may be an old fashioned view but our heritage sport has much to offer the contemporary world.
HR Managers recruiting staff can spot a rugby player by their attitude and behaviour and this gives them core qualities for working lives.

All shapes and sizes regardless of background come together in a rugby team like cogs in a wheel. I have seen children with physical and mental limitations respond almost immediately to the sheer joy of participating in healthy exercise and having plenty of good old fashioned FUN. The shy kid who never gets picked for school football earns a welcome pat on the back from a new team mate or coach that carries him through the rest of his week in style. Advice around fitness and nutrition is more likely to be taken on board when it comes from a coach than a parent. The child builds his confidence along with his fitness and before you know it his head is held high.

Not all children live in traditional family groups today. This is where our rugby family plays its part by giving them alternative role models and comrades who they can learn from and trust. It gives them the self-confidence to make choices in a world that is increasingly dangerous and challenging. Our club has fun together at the clubhouse, clubs around Norfolk and we also have family fun days out making unforgettable memories at the dream home of England rugby Twickenham. Inspiring but most importingly we have fun as a club.

The life skills are plain to see. Teamwork and communication is vital in rugby. Win or lose they develop comradeship with their rugby brethren that can last a lifetime. They also learn how to lose – something I have seen adults struggle with. They are required to play by the rules and to respect the Referee at all times.

So to the parents who accost me to ask how on earth I let him play such a rough tough game I say this – why would I stop my son playing a sport that is making him a son to be proud of and has given us both so much joy. We play festivals where all teams get together and enjoy the sport at one clubhouse throughout the season clubs respect and all have one passion of being a rugby family supporting each others talents.

By mother of 2 Rugby playing sons of Lakenham-Hewett RFC.
Charlene Kent

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