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Sat 19
Thetford II
Lakenham Hewett Mens
Match Report Thetford II vs Lakenham - Hewett

Match Report Thetford II vs Lakenham - Hewett

By Jamie Kent
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Lakenham come out second in bruising encounter!

This Saturday Lakenham took the opportunity to rotate their squad and give everybody a game as they took on Thetford away. With the sun not showing itself for the forseeable future Tom Russett and Ali Mckenzie ditched the factor 50 and were out in full force. Lakenham also gave the opportunity to start winger and part time sex guru Mike Le Fox!

There was a bumper crowd at Thetford, maybe because they had an annual wickerman burning directly after the game, I offered to sacrifice Damo but they didnt want to make their pagan God angry!

Lakenham showed real energy from the kick off and were putting real pressure on Thetford in both defence and attack, forcing a penalty nearly 40 metres out, Kristian Boreham decided to take the 3 points with a beautifully placed kick straight through the posts- Is there anything this fantastic fullback cannot do?!- Drink and make it home I suppose....

Thetford were starting to make their mark with 4-5 of their big ball runnners, the only logical explanation for breeding players that size are; Making them in a lab or generations of inbreeding.. For arguments sake, lets say they were made in a lab.... Anyway, Thetford managed to score six tries, but it could've been more if it weren't for Harry Watkinson putting his body on the along with scrumhalf Ashley Johnson, the hits those two lads were taking were so brutal, you would've have thought Prince Philip had arranged your death in a Paris Tunnel (s**t, way too controversial).

Lakenham finished the last 20 minutes much stronger with Graham Cook getting on the scoresheet on the back of a driving maul, Graham was filling in as captain and really led by example- almost as motivational as Captain Smith on the Titanic!!- Before it crashed obviously... Returnee Phil Spence also managed to grab a try towards the end, its great to see Phil back!! He is like the Brian McFadden to westlife- nobody likes him but hes kinda good at what he does..

Final score was 38-17 credit to Thetford who are definitely one of the stronger teams in the league.

Next week we face Beccles away

Thats all for now

Dan Baker
Getting killed by the Royal Family after that last joke

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Sat 19, Oct 2019





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Thetford II
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