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Code of Conduct

Coaches Code Of Conduct - Good Practice

1. Teach your players the meaning of 'fair play' and set them a good example.
2. Teach players, by your own example, to respect the referee. Always.
3. Read the Continuum. Understand it and abide by it. There is no option. It is part of the Laws of the Game.
4. Learn the Laws and learn to referee.
5. Always promote positive aspects of the sport (e.g. fair play) and never condone violence or the use of prohibited substances.
6. Don't over emphasise the 'winning ethic'. Recognise that as soon as victory becomes more important than the players taking part, then abuse begins.
7. Recognise that rugby is only a part of players' lives and allow for it in your demands of them. Remember that children play for fun and enjoyment and winning is only part of it.
8. Don't overplay players (particularly talented ones)
9. Never ridicule or belittle any player. Never make any player feel like a 'spare part' Try to make every player feel valued. Try to share game time, and your time in practice sessions, equally.
10. Ensure activities which you direct or advocate are appropriate to age, maturity and ability of players. Keep in mind the physical, intellectual and emotional capabilities of the age group you work with.
11. Ensure that contact skills are taught in a safe and secure manner, paying due regard to the physical development of young players.
12. Always record, and act on, any allegations made by any player.

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