Concussion - 'Don't Be A Headcase'

The RFU recognises the importance of concussion. There is however, a historical cultural legacy particularly within some circles in sport, where concussion has been seen as a “badge of honour” and players have “toughed it out”. Emerging brain injury research is however leading to a re-evaluation of how concussion is managed and the RFU aware of this took early steps in 2007 to start to address this with its first concussion awareness campaign. As further research has emerged, we have strengthened our campaign, resulting in the development of “Don’t be a Headcase” through 2012 and its launch in January 2013 (

Leek RUFC takes concussion very seriously, and has adopted the IRB/RFU guidance.
More information can be found by following the links below;

Parents, Guardians and Players information RFU webpage:
Parents, Guardians and Players information handout(PDF):

Coaches: information and links to online CPD courses:

Schools, Colleges, Match Officials, and Medical personel can find more information on the RFU Headcase website:

If a player is diagnosed with concussion, Leek RUFC will follow the ‘Graduated Return to Play’ policy set out by the IRB and RFU.
Full details are available in PDF format here: