Support Your Club - Have You Bought Through Leek Yet?

Leek R.U.F.C have been working hard to find ways of improving the clubs facilities. One way you can help this to happen is by using the clubs new affiliate programme. For years the idea of improving the clubs facilities has been just that an idea. The money gained from this scheme will solely be used for new equipment etc not just paying the bills or sitting in the bank. Ideas of how to best spend the money can be posted in the forum. But first we have all got to earn the money. See below for more details. Anybody who requires more information can message me via website.

What does that mean?
We have managed to get some big names to associate with the club. If we help increase the traffic to a company's website then we can get a proportion of the sales we refer.

How does it work?
If club members click on the logo's in the sponsor section it will take them to the respective site. For every purchase made on that website via the Leek website, the club will earn a percentage of the sale.

Which companies are involved?
Big names like, Game, Kitbag, Lovell Rugby are already signed up and more are set to be added. So if you normally buy from these places then please just do it via our link then you will help the club out at the same time.

Do I get things cheaper?
No, unfortunately not you pay the same price but a percentage of the revenue earned will go to the club and allocated specifically for improving the clubs facilities so everyone can benefit.

You must go to the sponsor section and click on the logo before purchasing anything in order for the club to receive any benefit.

The companies you may not of heard of:

Kelkoo: a search engine that looks for products online and gives you the cheapest on the market has also been added and we will benefit from you using the search engine for just a search if you go through to the recommended website regardless of whether you buy the item.

On the Beach: is a online holiday company that offers cheap package holidays. is a gadget shop style company that offers all sorts of boys toys