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4. Social Club - Fire Safety Regulations

Blues Bar Leek Town FC

Fire Safety Responsibilities of the Hirer

Having agreed to hire the Blues Bar for external functions* the person(s) hiring the facilities must accept responsibility for the premises this includes conforming to the Fire Safety Policy.

The hirer must be;

1. aware of the location of all fire exits
2. aware of the location of all fire extinguishers
3. limits the number of guests to the approved maximum number
4. aware of the location of the fire alarm points – these are break glass alarm points and when activated sound throughout the premises
5. aware of the location of the Fire Assembly Point

In case of Fire or a suspected Fire

1. Raise the alarm using the fire alarm points
2. Use vocal alarm plus any p.a. system e.g. microphone from entertainment provider
3. Evacuate the premises
4. call the Fire Service
5. If confident to do so make an initial attack on the fire using the extinguishers provided
6. take all gusts to the Fire Assembly Point
7. Await the arrival of the Fire Service and liaise with the Officer in Charge