Update on the current situation #2

Update on the current situation #2

By Derek Leake
25 March
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Ensuring that there is a Rugby Union club in Leigh

Priority 2 - Ensuring that there is a Rugby Union club in Leigh

The Board of Leigh RUFC are following government advice and have closed down the club.

For the foreseeable future the club remains closed until the advice we receive indicates that it is safe to do open again.
This includes the clubhouse, gym and fields

We are in the process of closing everything down

• The bandit has been emptied
• All monies on site have been removed and banked
• Spirits have been removed from the premises
• Negotiations opened with the brewery re: stock
• Sky and BT Sports have been suspended.
• Water is now in most pipelines and pipe cleaning is to commence
• Fridges, water heaters and central heating turned off
• CCTV and alarms checked over to ensure they are working
• Bar cleaning has commenced
• The car park has been locked
• Lights set to minimum
• Security lights checked to ensure they remain active

Our business model from the 1960s has been to open the bar Monday to Friday and all-day Saturday and Sunday. Apart from an enforced 6 day close down a few years ago this will only be the second close down in over 50 years.
Our main income is via the bar at weekends and from private functions held within the club. The revenue is then reinvested into the running of rugby union in Leigh.
This has obviously ended until some normality returns.

We are evaluating how this will affect us financially and taking compromise steps with suppliers and utility companies to ensure that the club remains sustainable with the money we have.
Over the years, the board has, in-line with our prudent financial plans from previous and present finance committees, built up a small reserve fund for business interruption, and we will use this to keep afloat in the short term.

Without this reserve fund, we would have been in serious financial trouble imminently .

Essential maintenance and monitoring of the premises will continue to be carried out where necessary, whilst observing the recent advice on movement and social distancing.
Everything that can be done will be done to ensure that the club is as ready as it can be to reopen when conditions permit.

Update on Priority 3 will follow on Thursday, 26th March

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