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Information Sheet 16th September 2019

Information Sheet 16th September 2019

By David Rowland
15 September 2019
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Very Many Thanks.......
.......to the 4 + 10 who were at Poulton on Saturday, 7th September and especially Sue, who kept going under trying circumstances.
The weather was perfect and we put on a good show for Singleton Cloggers’ 70th birthday.
“I must thank you all for making our 70th birthday celebration so memorable. We had such a lovely day (and night) with the best bunch of people you could ever meet; and the weather proved kind too!
Thank you for your dancing, your good humour (in putting up with playing the impromptu game of ‘Hunt the Key’ ), for your good wishes and, always, for your friendship.
Morris is a special family to belong to and we hope it’s not too long before we can all get together again.
See you next year – if not sooner.
Thanks again, Eileen Skinner”
Particular thanks to Barry who thought to bring along a 70th birthday card for all the team to sign, and to Geoffrey who led ‘Happy Birthday’ at the hall.
What a surprise to meet up with ex-member from long ago John (now calls himself Chris) Reeves, who was musician for the lone dancer from Solway Morris (Cumbrian coast) and to see another ex-member, John Haslett, there as a spectator.
Geoff Carson was pleasantly surprised by meeting a relative who lives at the neighbouring Thornton: (ex-Leyland Morris Dancer’s Leader) Jimmy Grant’s niece Barbara. It was a day of surprises!
P.S. Did anyone work out why Crown Rapper weren’t using Rapper swords but children’s soft toys e.g. a stuffed ferret and a teddy bear??!!

Monday, 23rd September
Next practice session.

Monday 30th September
Practice session. Next Info.Sheet.

........ for the cancellation of the session we were to have had with the local St James’ Cubs on Thursday, 12th. The date is to be rearranged.

On Saturday, 5th October....
.......we’re at Eccleston Library (in the morning) – but only there for an hour. Mike would welcome ideas for another dance spot to combine with it. Please give this some thought a.s.a.p.

A reminder.....
.......that anyone wishing to make a claim towards travelling/parking expenses on days out (such as Poulton) should consult with the team treasurer, Andrew Tipping.

Up-coming dates:
Sometime! – Annual General Meeting
Saturday, 5th October at Eccleston Library
Thursday, 10th October – volunteers to pose for Blackburn Artists’ Group
Saturday, 19th October – tour of Preston town centre with Royal Preston MD
Monday, 28th October with a group of Cubs (run by Paul’s daughter Michelle)
Saturday, 16th November 16th - Southport with Newburgh and others (Children In Need fund-raiser)
Monday, 9th December – Garstang Victorian Fair
.....and we usually go out for a Christmas meal in early December

1, It was good to have Steve Johnson with us at our last practice – and also to have sufficient numbers for some North West dances at long last.
2. Copies of the latest Lancashire Wakes are now available from RS.
3. We were sorry to learn that the problems with Paul’s arteries aren’t yet sorted.
4. The recent attempted break-in at the Guide Hut left rather a mess. As the youngsters couldn’t be properly identified and as they’re minors, they couldn’t be charged anyway. There’s a comforting thought!!
5. There’s another newspaper item re. ex-member John Farnden and his fund raising efforts for Rosemere Cancer Foundation on the noticeboard at the Guide Hut.

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