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Information Sheet 21st October 2019

Information Sheet 21st October 2019

By David Rowland
20 October 2019
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Happy Days!!!!!!!!!!

Many thanks.....
........to Paul, Barry, Malcolm and Dave who represented LMM on Thursday evening, 10th October, at the Blackburn Artists’ session. Paul & Barry demonstrated things to be done with sticks, hankies and swords and Dave & Malcolm played and sang to them as they worked. All in all a very sociable evening and they hope that some of us will go again. We’re expecting to see a ‘gallery’ of their work on their website.
Sorry that the Tour of Preston town centre with Royal Preston MD on 19th Oct. had to be called off. Our hosts-to-be were unable to raise a team and we were struggling for numbers too!

Monday, 28th October Visit to Leyland Cubs
Names: L.Daniels, M.Halliday, D.Wane
M.Bailey, G.Carson, B.Freeedman, R.Smith
Venue: On the corner of St Andrew’s Way & Eden Street (i.e. behind Tesco). Maps available.
Kit: BLUE polo shirts
Time: FOR 6:30 pm start (until 8 pm)

Sunday, 3rd November Derian House Children’s Hospice ‘Winter Sparkle’
Names: S.Bonnet, M.Halliday, D.Rowland
M.Bailey, G.Carson, B.Freedman, G.Godber, S.Johnson, D.Thompson, A.Tipping(?)
R.Smith (later) ANY MORE? WE NEEED YOU!!
Kit: YELLOW sash on LEFT shoulder, shoes & bellpads.
Venue: Astley Hall, Chorley, PR7 1XA
Meet: FOR 1:30 pm please.
Parking....at Astley Village is likely to be nil!!
Park & Ride at Runshaw College Adult Section, off Euxton Lane, Euxton, PR7 6AQ
Or at Woodlands College, Southport Road, Chorley, PR7 1QR.
Buses every 10 minutes; drop off/pick up at Chancery Road – 2 min. walk from the Hall.
The car park at Hallgate, Astley Village, will be closed to the general public.
Parking for Blue Badge holders only
Details: We usually find out when we get there!

Monday, 4th November Annual General Meeting
7:45 pm at the Guide Hut. Items for the Agenda to MB please.

Thursday, 7th November Visit to St James’s Beavers
Names: L.Daniels, M.Halliday, D.Rowland
M.Bailey, G.Carson, B.Freedman, R.Smith
Venue: Moss Side Community Centre, off Dunkirk Lane, Leyland, PR26 7SW
Kit: BLUE polo shirts.
Time: FOR 5:30 pm start

Monday, 11th November
Practice session & next Info.Sheet

Still to come:
Saturday, 16th November - Southport with Newburgh Ladies and others (Children In Need fund-raiser)
Monday, 9th December – Garstang Victorian Fair
.....and we usually go out for a Christmas meal in early December

1. Many thanks to Mike for his recent gift of plums and to Len for the apples.
2. You may have noticed pubs and restaurants busily advertising their Christmas menus. If you see one you think might be of interest for our (possible) Christmas meal together, then please let us know.
3. During the summer Royal Preston MD were filmed at Bygone Times, Eccleston, as part of a BBC ‘Bargain Hunt’ programme. We’ll hope to let you know when it’s to be shown.
4. See noticeboard for a memo from the Squire of the Morris Ring re.’Black face paint in Morris’

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