Information Sheet 7th January 2019

Information Sheet 7th January 2019

By David Rowland
7 January
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Happy New Year


Many all who supported the annual Christmas meal at ‘Jerry’s’ on 3rd December; all told there were 19 of us.
Also many thanks to everyone who was at Garstang for the Victorian Fair on 10th December.

Monday, 14th January
Next practice session.

Monday, 21st
Practice session and next Info.Sheet (which will include details re. Thursday 24th at Mawdesley WI).

Up-coming dates on the Programme for 2019:-
Thursday, 24th January at Mawdesley WI
Thursday, 7th February at Longridge Historical Society

......and other dates/events to be considered are:-
Saturday, 30th March at Manchester - Joint Morris Organisations’ Day of Dance
Saturday, 21st April - Horwich PMMD’s Day for St George
Saturday, 18th May at Liverpool – Southport Swords’ Day of Dance
Saturday, 22nd June – Lytham Club Day
Saturday, 27th July (am) – Springfield Nursing Home, Coppull
Saturday, 24th August - Saddleworth Rushcart
Saturday, 7th September – Singleton Cloggers’ Day of Dance

Odds & Ends
1. The Friends of Folk organisation has a new home: Fox Lane Sports & Social Club (a.k.a. Leyland Cricket Club). Full details of all 8 concerts can be found at

A Pause for Thought
A few years ago Peter Morgan, Squire of Stafford MM, put the following Ten New Year Resolutions to his team:-
1. To do more dancing and less talking at practice.
2. To recognise the team’s dancing style is more important than individual interpretation.
3. To achieve the same standard of dancing as one comes to expect of the musicianship.
4. To support the team’s Officers – even if one does not always agree with them.
5. To promote a positive Morris image in public displays.
6. To support the team’s performance wherever feasible.
7. To promote good fellowship within the team and towards other Morris teams.
8. To think that other people are usually motivated by the best intentions.
9. To put as much into the team as one expects to get out.
10. To remember, above all, that Morris Dancing is fun.
Things worth pondering upon, don’t you think?!

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