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Information Sheet Tuesday 21st April 2020

Information Sheet Tuesday 21st April 2020

By David Rowland
21 April 2020
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Coronavirus Update


Dear All,
Further to my request about how you are coping with lockdown and missing morris here are your responses which hopefully will keep us in touch.

GEOFF says Doing ok painting fences, mowing lawns etc. Shopping once a week, just keeping out of mischief. Pamela busy with her ceramics and water colours. We will survive.

ROY S says Dorothy and I are both keeping well and without too much hassle to our lives. Obviously we are penned in but we’ve been able to tackle some jobs which have been waiting far too long. I’ve even cleared out the garage and started repainting the floor thereof. Can’t remember when it was last done but it was badly in need of doing again. The spiders weren’t very pleased.
The good weather has been a great help and the gardens are also looking well.
Naturally we’re missing the social activities and phone calls have to suffice. Not the same is it.
Best wishes to all.

LEN says I escape the vulnerable person definition by 4 months – but it is no comfort Christine is already 70. We are all ok but like all grandparents missing the girls and grandkids terribly. I’m on the shopping run for Kerry (she is on total lockdown as Teddy has low immunity) and Katie and her husband are working from home so I do their shopping too. I know Tesco like the back of my hand now.
Also like everyone else finding myself doing all the jobs in the garden that have needed doing for years. I even found an old 1960’s bike in the big shed at the bottom of the garden that I had been meaning to paint yellow to celebrate Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour de France in 2012. I put the first lick of paint on today – only 8 yrs late.

Firther to Sue’s Nutting Girl Len says he enjoyed it and very apt for social distancing. It reminds him to practice Banbury Bill and others.

Since sending this Len has finished the bike and I attach the end result.

STEVE J says I have been recruited by Manchester Royal Infirmary to manage their decontamination systems for the next 3 months?
Hope you are all keeping well a bit weird going back to work when everyone is in lockdown but roads are nice and quiet.

MAL says Eleanor and I are disappointed at having to miss our granddaughter’s birthday. Been shopping and amazed at the length of the queues. Took my shooting stick the last time made the waiting easier on the leg.

HANS says that he and Kath are looking forward to hearing how other families are occupying themselves but since you are all active and positive people they don’t imagine you are twiddling your thumbs.
We have a large garden to work and play in and are currently busy repainting the garden gates, workshop, children’s tree house and the summer house as well as the usual garden maintenance jobs so we are far from bored although we are missing the company of our family and friends.
Fortunately we have had no problems with buying groceries and will be having a roast lamb dinner with all the trimmings tonight (Easter Sunday). Hot cross buns and an Easter egg is a special treat at this time of year.
Our son David and his wife Debbie and the grandchildren Emily and Matthew are all well and happy in New Zealand and David is working 80 hour weeks managing two hospitals during this pandemic. The family is in lockdown like the rest of us and the saying in the household at present is ‘don’t wait for Dad’ They can never be sure when he will turn up. It is a challenging time for all hospital care workers and other essential key workers but when the going gets tough the tough get going.
We send our sincere good wishes to all the Morris team members and their families.
KEEP WELL – this too will pass.

DAVE W says Happy Easter to one and all. Self isolating here and still not signed off from the pneumonia and await the results of an X-ray taken a couple of weeks ago. I’m assuming the lungs are working ok otherwise they would have been on the phone.
Shopping once a week and getting round Worden Park most days either walking or cycling. Sue is ok now but had a rough couple of weeks in March, no cough but all the other symptoms so hopefully she is over the ‘lurgy’.
Back to fence painting.
Subsequent update from Dave he has had a letter confirming his lungs are completely normal now - great!

STEVE B says What lovely weather we have been having so far in the lockdown. I have been trying to get up early about 7am and going out then on my bike for a ride that takes me about 50 minutes. We are lucky here in Ainsdale/Formby that there are no hills and nice off-road cycling through the pinewoods.
After that the only extra thing I’m trying to do is learn the guitar. I did strumone a bit in my youth, as probably we all did, but I was never any good at it. Don’t suppose I ever will be but it is enjoyable and they say that learning something new helps to keep dementia at bay.
Will we ever get back to how things were before the virus struck and if we do what state will the economy be in? Stay safe.

SUE says I am fine and have been on gardening leave since we were placed under Boris’ rules, at the allowed out once a day social distancing level rather than full isolation.
I can’t work from home so my bosses have summoned me back for a meeting on Tuesday prior to going back as a ‘key defence worker’ full time on Wednesday.
I have provided my list of questions about cleanliness and office hygiene to my bosses so they can have the answers prepared as my having spent some years working in a microbiological lab makes me a special case for the level of ‘you’ll be fine’ that I am willing to subject myself to.

DAVID T says I started the year with a fortnight in hospital – my surviving kidney seems to have decided to have a holiday with the consequence that I had a massive build up of water. I ended up being hauled into hospital by the ambulance service for the start of a fortnight of hell. It was Wednesday when I was taken to A&E – a bad day as the place was heaving – I spent over a day in A&E before being transferred to a ward. After a few days I was transferred to the renal ward where they pumped me full of frusemide to try to get my kidney working again – thankfully the treatment worked and within a week the water build up had gone and the kidney is still working. Before letting me out they had inserted tubes into my right upper arm so that I could go on haemodialysis Tuesdays and Fridays. I spent Feb and most of March recuperation at home – really not up to doing much. Towards the end of March as I was starting to feel much better and getting back into the swing of things the current coronavirus debacle broke out.
Tuesday 10th March was AGM for Hoghton Folk dance club when we agreed pland for the coming summer – including running the summer dances. Within a week everything was cancelled – no folk, no morris, no music club, no walking, nothing at all.
This last few weeks I have spent mostly at home – the better weather has meant I can do a bit in the garden. According to the letters I have received from HMG I am supposed to isolate myself until mid June earliest. The good news is that my renal condition has improved and I have gone on to having dialysis on Tuesdays only.

BARRY says Only 3rd time out, there’s the ‘daylight star’ Venus plodding towards me …. Yes it’s a Dinosaurus! Keep your distance Rex Tyrannosaurus, where’s your mask!? Tho’ it makes me look like Duck-billed Platypus I wear mine just everyday shopping.
We’ve had the Super moon, tonight meteorites arrive, we’re locked-down but what about those locked-up in the international Space Station – some quarantine isolation eh!
Did anyone see the Radio Times X-word clue ‘SicklyPM (4)? There’s a few thoughts for you. Stay well.
PS when I was little Corona was lemonade and a fizzy drinks that came round on a lorry. We always had R. Whites and Tizer from the shop.

MIKE B says thank you for the contributions. Like some of the comments above we are missing the kids but venturing out for walks and weekly shopping. Had booked a click and collect for this week but on checking they have said the order was not confirmed so we have lost that slot – back to going ourselves -- what a bugger!
As regular church goers we did wonder how that would impinge but we are fortunate that our church already has live streaming and that is continuing with extra services. Hence we are getting our daily fix, it keeps us in contact with the community and adds a routine to our day.
What with this and zooming with my siblings and facetiming the family thank goodness for technology (apart from click and collect!)
As some of you know we are in the process of downsizing and were due to move to an apartment at Clayton le Woods this week until everything ground to a standstill. Not looking likely now until June sometime. So I have been doing jobs around the house and garden that I anticipated leaving for someone else. We can’t even take stuff we don’t need to the tip or charity shops yet.
If anyone has need of furniture items or tools or garden stuff like ceramic pots etc let us know. Can always photo and send details.

AND FINALLY NEWS FROM ROYAL PRESTON; During lockdown they are zooming each other on a Wed night. The dance out in Preston with them still awaits and maybe could be billed as ‘Morris is back’. There may not be much else left to dance out at this summer?
On a much sadder note they lost one of their long standing members Neil Graham and some of you may have seen a very moving tribute to him on facebook.
Neil joined the team in 1983 and was a well known teacher (History) at Thomas More, now Corpus Christie in Fulwood.
He was at their last practice on March 11th and left the pub with a cough and tight chest after the dancing. He had a doctor;s visit two days later followed by a hospital stay for a night, further tests, biopsy and a scan. The diagnosis was untreatable lung cancer with life expectancy of a few weeks. He died on April 15th.

That concludes the update for now. Any comments or additions will be welcome and if we are still in lockdown in a few weeks time we can have another catch up.
Take care and stay well and keep moving.

Mike, April 21st 2020

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