Club Structure and Governance



LINCOLN UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB IS AN UNINCORPORATED ASSOCIATION (A members club which is governed by its Committee and rules, which may be varied from time to time).

Founded in 1938, Lincoln United Football Club is structured as Unincorporated Association, otherwise known as a Private members club. The club is governed by a written constitution which sets out the rules by which all its main activities are managed, ensuring compliance with both legal and football regulations.

The clubs full legal name and address are:-


The club is managed by a Management committee consisting of – Chair, Marketing Director, Junior Director Secretary and Board Members, who are responsible for the day-to-day running of all of the club’s activities. The committee meets once a month and the clubs annual general meeting is held as soon as possible after the end of the club’s financial year which is 31st May. A fully audited set of accounts for the financial year is presented at the AGM and officers are elected.

The Club Board members are:

Chairman & Finance Director – Lee Griffin
Marketing Director – Laura McWilliams
Director of Football – Vacant
Secretary – Andy Mead
Commercial Director – Glen Merryweather

The Management team are:

Men's First Team Manager – Chris Funnell (Interim)
Men's First Team Assistant Manager - Callum Ward (Interim)
Men's First Team Coach – Martin Burnett
Men's First Team Goalkeeper Coach – James Morgan

Women's First Team Manager - Chris Funnell

Men's Development Team Manager - Alex Hayes

Women's Development Team Manager - Kev Rose

Groundsman - Matt Bradley