Concept and Rules
Lewis Jones Memorial Cup - The Lewi 1 of 3

1. Concept and Rules

The Lewis Jones Memorial Cup:

A Competition set up to mark the 5th anniversary of the passing of Llanelli Warriors Linesman and Llanelli legend Lewis 'Lewi' Jones.

The competition will start with the Warriors when they play the first of the other competing clubs during the normal run of fixtures. Whichever side wins will then ‘hold’ the cup. Whenever the holders meet another participating club then they will defend it.

In this way the memory of Lewi will move around the locality at the clubs where he was known.

Further rules:

The Lewi Cup will be played for wherever two competing clubs met at 1sts, 2nds or Youth level. Should the club have fixtures with other competing clubs on the same day then the 1sts will take priority over 2nds, 2nds will take priority over Youth.

If the match is drawn then the holders retain the cup.

The match has to be played, if for whatever reason, a match isn't held then the holders retain the cup until the next fixture against a competing club.

If the holders have not played the Warriors that season, then they will offer the Warriors a match or forfeit the trophy back to the Warriors. This is to ensure that (a) the Warriors have at least one chance of competing for it each season and (b) that the holders are still participating in the competition and that it continues to be valued.

Llanelli Warriors shall coordinate and manage the competition and shall have final say on decisions and membership.

Clubs will be invited or can apply to join. Criteria will be a connection with Lewi and/or the Llanelli Warriors. Club’s must be active in the Llanelli area. Clubs that are deemed not to be sufficiently interested may be asked to withdraw.

Competing Sides (Aug 2018 unless noted)
Burry Port
Hendy (Nov 18)
Kidwelly (Nov 18)
Llanelli Wanderers
Llanelli Warriors
New Dock Stars (Nov 18)

1st Match: 11/8/2018 Ferryside v Llanelli Warriors.