Adam Fussell

Adam Fussell

Openside Flanker
Points scored

Previous clubs

Furnace, Bynea, Betws


Dragged along for by Dai Jones for debut v Burry Port - Warriors lose Origin Cup for 1st time.

Fussy has since become an integral part of the club. He constantly claims that he is a flanker playing out of position at 12 but whenever he is selected in the pack he stays even further away from the rucks & mauls.
Best moment - crying outside his hotel room in Bradford 2019 (lovingly filmed by his friend Gringo)

Ideal tour destination
Best trip or tour to date
Bradford 2018
Favourite Warriors
Rugby Hero?
Alun Wyn Jones
Best dressed Warrior?
Dan John
Rugby Ambition?
Favourite Song?
Ozzy – Crazy Train
Worst Rugby Moment?
Drunk outside room in Bradford
Best Rugby Moment?
Drunk outside room in Bradford
Suggest a forfeit
Monkey Brains – Baileys & Blackcurrent

Although he is now a married man, committee have every confidence that it won’t change him at all – he’ll still be rubbish at drinking and be 1st back to the hotel to cry outside his room on tours. Now that he has trapped his woman, Fussy has had the confidence to grow a ginger beard to go with Wales worst tattoo collection and his Ospreys fixation. Adam would like you to remember him as the hot shot water pistolero gun slinger on the way home from Bradford. Adam would like you to forget his missed tackles cost us matches at the Millennium stadium. He is actually mostly remembered for when him and “other” Adam had a minute by minute exercise plan and a gram by gram diet as they were about to get “properly fit” - that was about 2 stone ago.

Debut: Burry Port (2013/14)
50th: Cefneithin 2019 (Won Anniversary Cup)

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