Craig 'Shed' James

Craig 'Shed' James

Scrum Half
Looks like Craig 'Shed' James didn’t play this season

Previous clubs

Burry Port


Honours: Top Points and Tries 2016/17

Ideal tour destination
Best trip or tour to date
New Zealand & Samoa
Favourite Warriors
Samurai Jack
Rugby Hero?
Gareth Davies
Best dressed Warrior?
Brienne of Tarth
Rugby Ambition?
Beat all our rivals this season
Favourite Song?
Simon Day’s living on a prayer
Worst Rugby Moment
Sam Warbuton’s red card
Best Rugby Moment
Undefeated in New Zealand
Suggest a forfeit
Gimp mask

Son of Shed, Craig has not surprisingly become a tour specialist with staring roles on trips to Bradford and Killmarnock in his 1st season (2014). Has since lost his phone/wallet/passport in countries across the globe
Craig has recently be converted and radicalised by the Yes Cymru Nationalist movement can could be seen at rallies from Cardiff to Bangor shouting out his slogans “What do we want – FREE SEX! When do we want it – Before the bus goes home!!”
The boys are all looking forward to the return of “I’m the naked, spider, super, music man” (and if Craig isn’t – tough shit!)
Last time he was on a ferry as part of a rugby tour his Father almost caused a major incident but inadvertently sounding the Man over board alarm, but Craig needs no help from Shed senior and even with Simon Day on board is hot favourite to lose his wallet/passport/keys 1st.

Debut: 2013/14
50th game: Cefneithin 2019 (Won Anniversary Cup)

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